Peoplesoft Hrms Technical Interview Questions And Answers

What are the main attributes of a Component Interface (CI)?

Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods and Name

How many Message nodes are possible for a database?


What are parts of an AE program?

Section, Step and Action

Which command is valid in both bootstrap and regular mode when operating the data mover?


How do you login into Boot strap mode?

Using DB Access Id

Where do you create the process security groups?

Security Administrator

What are the statuses available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?

Server, Client and Queue Status

What are parts of an AE program?

Section, Step and Action

What are the parts of Application Engine?

Application Engine consists of 4 parts.

1. Application: It is a set of SQL statements.

2. Steps: It is the smallest unit of work committed in an application.

3. Sections: Comprises of 1 or more steps

4. Statements: SQL statements like update, insert, delete or select are issued.

What is a Cache Record?

The Cache record (or cache) is a physical People soft record, keyed by process instance that must be created and maintained by the Application Engine developer. This record defines the fields that an application uses to pas values from one SQL statements to another. You retrieve cache field values by the Application Engine and BIND function; you assign cache values using & SELECT.

Where are the search records assigned?

Search records are assigned to a panel group in a menu.

What do you need to do to modify the search views?

To modify a search view, we need to change the record definition and recreate the underlying SQL view.

Differentiate Error V/s Warning statements in People code?

The error statement issues a message and the condition causing the error must. Be corrected before proceeding. The warning statement issues a message and The user can proceed without changing any values.

What restrictions are placed on multi-process jobs?

A multi process jobs can only be scheduled to run on a server.

List the three output destinations available through the Process Scheduler?

You can direct the output to a printer file and windows screen.