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Write for us

    Hi, there! Thank you for your interest in contributing a guest blog for Tekslate. We're glad you've arrived.
    Last month, Tekslate had over 100,000 unique visitors, and we're always on the lookout for more creative writers to join our ranks.
    We'd love to hear from you if you have great writing talents and would like to share your knowledge with a large audience of techies, marketers, and more. We're looking for tech-savvy professionals who can contribute content on various IT platforms.
    Please go over this entire page; it answers any questions you have regarding the type of content we're looking for and the submission procedure.
What we're looking for ?

Articles can be about any of the technologies for which we provide training (you can browse our website to get more info). Your content should educate learners of all levels on what's new and essential in the following categories.

Submission Guidelines:

    Our content is of the highest quality and is considered a standard in the field of technology education. We expect you to do the same. We follow a simple writing style that appeals to a broad range of audiences.
    Blog posts should be between 800 and 1200 words long. To ensure simple and structured reading, provide a title, relevant subheads, bullets, and numbers where needed.
    Wherever possible include relevant code, data sets, and snapshots to make it easy for the learner to understand the concepts better.

    Writing for us allows you to broaden your knowledge and expertise in specific subjects while also allowing you to demonstrate your research and writing skills to a global audience. Our readers visit the Tekslate blog to learn about today's most cutting-edge technologies and the careers that support them.
    In addition to being seen by our global audience, writing for us allows you to build professional connections with an author bio below every article you post.

    We've done a lot of research for which types of blog posts work and which don't. Here are some of our most successful blog post types:
    Experiment/Analysis : Have you recently conducted a groundbreaking technology experiment? Or perhaps you've performed a study of your own or your customers' data that has given amazing findings that the rest of the world should be aware of? Write it up and send it over. These posts should include definitive information, useful takeaways, and detailed descriptions of each stage of the experiment or analytic process.
    Canonical : These posts provide readers with in-depth tactical insights backed up with recent examples, original quotes, original images, and current data.
    Graphics : These posts rely largely on the author's creation of an infographic, data graph, or other visual aid.
    How-to articles : These posts act as a guide in everyday work, providing technical explanations with illustrations and examples to express complex instruction.

    In everything we publish, we check for a few things as well:
    Original ideas, strong arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not republish anything that has been previously published.
    Articles must reflect the tone and writing style of the Website Blog.
    Data, quotations, and other content cited in the article must all be properly attributed. Note that all data must have been collected within the last two years.
    In your piece, include links to at least 2-4 other Tekslate blog posts.

    We can't abide some things:

    Anything that has already been discussed on our blog. Before submitting your articles, please do a search of our site.
    Anything that could be interpreted as a link-building strategy.
    Anything that promotes your firm or group excessively.
    Anything that is too critical of people or businesses - this is not the platform to voice your grievances.

    Submit at least three blog topic ideas using the form on the write for us page.
    We'll let you know if we think your topic is something our blog readers would be interested in.
    You can submit your article in the form of a Google doc by replying to the email once the topic has been approved.
    By submitting your blog to Tekslate, you give us complete editing rights. We'll notify you once the article is live.

Copyrights Violation

    Once an article is accepted and published on our website tekslate.com, we own the complete copyright to the content, and the author cannot re-publish it online or offline.
    We value our writers in high regard and believe they are knowledgeable in their fields. We want them to compose their articles solely on the basis of their own experience and knowledge. We strictly adhere to copyright rules and will not accept any information that has been plagiarized from other websites, books, or other copyright-protected sources.

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