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Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Oracle Certified Trainers provide Oracle Fusion Financials training at Tekslate: Enroll today to gear your Oracle fusion financials career, learn all Cloud Financials modules required for better financial management. Our training program at Tekslate is designed on par with Oracle University Course thus helping you become an OCP. By joining this course, you are capable of increasing business agility, standardise business processes, and become a valuable asset to your organisation.

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A complete index of
job-ready skills curated
to meet the industrial need.

Oracle Fusion General Ledger

1. Create Accounting Calendar 

2. Create/Enable Currencies 

3. Create Value Sets 

4. Create Chart of Accounts 

5. Create Chart of Accounts Instance 

6. Create Primary Ledger 

7. Setup Ledger Options 

8. Create Legal Entity 

9. Complete Primary Ledger Definition 

10. Review General Ledger Role Template 

11. Assign Data Roles to User 

12. Run LDAP Job 

13. Open GL Periods 

14. Account Hierarchy Creation 

1. Create Business Unit Locations 

2. Create Reference Data Sets 

3. Create Business Units 

4. Assign Business Unit Functions to Business Unit 

5. Create Legislative Data Group 

6. Assign Legislative Data Group to LE 

7. Create Employee User 

8. Assign Implementation Consultant Roles to User 

9. Create Procurement Agents 

10. Common Options for Payables and Procurement 

11. Invoice Options Configuration 

12. Payment Options Configuration 

13. Create Payment Terms 

14. Create Distribution Sets 

15. Setting up Suppliers Number 

16. Assign Supplier Roles to User 

17. Create Supplier 

18. Create Supplier Addresses 

19. Create Supplier Sites 

20. Assigning Supplier Sites to Procurement Business Units 

21. Create Banks 

22. Create Branches 

23. Create Bank Accounts 

24. Create Payables Documents 

25. Create Payment Method 

26. Defining Payment Formats 

27. Create Payment Process Profile 

28. Introduction to Payables Role Templates 

29. Assigning Data Roles to User 

30. Submitting LDAP Job 

31. Open Payables Periods 

1. Receivables System Options Configuration 

2. Define Transaction Types 

3. Define Transaction Sources 

4. Auto Accounting Configuration 

5. Create Payment Terms 

6. Create Statement Cycles 

7. Collector Creation 

8. Create Customer Profile Class 

9. Create Reference Data Set for Customer Site 

10. Create Customer 

11. Create Customer Site/Address 

12. Create Remit-to-Address 

13. Memo Lines Creation 

14. Create Receivable Activities 

15. Create Receipt Classes & Methods 

16. Create Receipt Source 

17. Overview of AR Role Template 

18. Assign Receivables Data Roles to User 

19. Submitting LDAP Job 

20. Open Receivables Periods 

1. Manual Bank Statement Creation 

2. Manual Reconciliation 

3. Automatic Reconciliation 

4. Generate Cash Transactions 

5. External Cash Transactions 

6. CM to GL Reconciliation 

1. Create Value Sets for Category KFF 

2. Create Value Sets for Location KFF 

3. Create Value Sets for Asset Key KFF 

4. Create Category KFF Structure 

5. Create Location KFF Structure 

6. Create Asset Key KFF Structure 

7. Create Category KFF Structure Instance 

8. Create Location KFF Structure Instance 

9. Create Asset Key KFF Structure Instance 

10. Create Segment Values to 3 KFF Segments 

11. Configure System Controls 

12. Create Fiscal Year Calendar 

13. Create Asset Calendar 

14. Define Prorate Convention 

15. Create Prorate Calendar 

16. Create Asset Book 

17. Create Tax Book 

18. Create Asset Categories 

19. Overview of Asset Book Role Template 

20. Assign Data Roles to User 

1. Create Tax Regime 

2. Create Tax 

3. Create Tax Jurisdiction 

4. Create a Tax Status 

5. Create Tax Rates 

6. Application Tax Options 

7. Tax Owner Configuration 

8. Assign Tax to Supplier (Profile/Header & Address) 

  • FBDI, File Based Data Import
  • OTBI & BI Reports
  • Spread Sheet/ADFdi
  • FRS (Financial Reporting Studio)
  • Rapid Implementation using Spread Sheets 
  • Data Conversion
  • Generating Reports from Financial Reporting Studio (FRS) 
  • Generating Reports from Smart View 
  • Loading Journals from FBDI Templates 
  • Create Journals/Assets in ADFdi 
  • File-Based Data Import (FBDI) Process - Suppliers Conversion Process 
    • Bank Statement Transaction Codes

    • Bank Statement Reconciliation Rules

    • Cash Management Integration

    • Cash Management Integration with other Applications

    • Accounting for Reconciled Transactions

    • Managing Bank Statements

    • Enter and Import Bank Statements

    • Bank Statement Open Interface

    • Reviewing and Correcting Bank Statement Errors

    • Managing Bank Reconciliation

    • Overview of Bank Reconciliation

    • Auto Reconciliation Matching

    • Manual Reconciliation Matching

    • Cash Management Reporting

    • Overview of Standard Reports

    • Overview of Adhoc Reporting using OTBI

    • Overview of BI Publisher

    • Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview

    • Order to Cash Overview

    • Integration with Other Applications

    • Business Unit Positioning to Cash Flow

    • Manage Parties and Customer Accounts

    • Party Model and Features

    • Profile Classes

    • Customer Entry Methods

    • Overview of Invoice Configuration

    • Overview of Auto Invoice Process

    • Overview of Invoice Process

    • Process Receipts

    • Overview of Receipts Setup

    • Overview of Receipt Process

    • Receipt Entry Methods

    • Types of Receipts

    • Overview of Lock Boxes

    • Overview of Automatic Receipts

    • Fusion Tax and Receivables Integration

    • Fusion Tax Integration with Receivables

    • Receivables Reporting

    • Overview of Standard Reports

    • Overview of Adhoc Reporting using OTBI

    • Overview of BI Publisher

    • Fusion Fixed Asset Topics

    • Fusion Assets Overview

    • Assets Configurations

    • Fusion Asset Configuration Overview

    • Managing Asset Key Flex Fields

    • System Controls

    • Managing Fiscal Years and Calendars

    • Managing Asset Books

    • Managing Asset Categories

    • Asset Additions

    • Manual Asset Additions

    • Mass Asset Additions

    • CIP Asset Additions

    • Asset Adjustments

    • Types of Asset Adjustments

    • Amortise Asset Adjustments

    • Depreciation

    • Depreciation Rules

    • Depreciation Methods

    • Managing Depreciation

    • Retirements

    • Asset Retirements

    • Asset Reinstatements

    • Asset Accounting and Reporting

    • Asset accounting process

    • Sub Ledger Accounting for Assets

    • Asset Reports

    • Tax Books

    • Tax Book Concept

    • Setting up a Tax Book

    • Managing Tax Books

    • Oracle Cash Management Overview

    • Describe Key Feature of Oracle Cash Management

    • Key Concepts of Bank Account Model

    • Key Concepts of Reconciling Bank Statements

    • Cash Management Configuration

    • Cash Management Rapid Implementation

    • Best Practices

    • Bank Master Maintenance

    • Bank Statement Transaction Codes

    • Bank Statement Reconciliation Rules

    • Cash Management Integration

    • Cash Management Integration with other Applications

    • Accounting for Reconciled Transactions

    • Managing Bank Statements

    • Enter and Import Bank Statements

    • Bank Statement Open Interface

    • Reviewing and Correcting Bank Statement Errors

    • Managing Bank Reconciliation

    • Auto Reconciliation Matching

    • Manual Reconciliation Matching

    • Cash Management Reporting

    • Overview of Adhoc Reporting using OTBI

    • Overview of BI Publisher

    We have made a tailored curriculum covering the latest industry-ready concepts to serve every individual’s learning desires.

    Oracle Fusion Financials Training  Objectives

    Upon course completion, you will have sound knowledge on:

    • Revenue Management

    • Automating Expense processing

    • Streamline Accounting

    • Reporting KPIs

    • Agility in Finance

    Oracle Fusion Financials provides you with unexplored business insights to all its users. It’s native Business Intelligence and revolutionary reporting platform set new standards for financial management. This is the best application to change your work style. It helps you with:

    • Provide Good governance

    • Enable better career growth

    • Help organisations make better financial choices

    • Lower office costs with improved efficiency

    • Professionals who are working in accounts and finance are eligible to attend this training program to become an expert/consultant/executive on the same.

    • If you are a student or a fresher with finance or accounting background, you are eligible to learn Oracle Financials training.

    As such there are no prerequisites for learning Oracle Fusion Financials.

    Fusion General Ledger Topics

    • Common Configurations for Fusion Financials

    • Features of Financials Cloud

    • Understand the common Application Configuration

    • Understand the Concepts of the Enterprise Structure

    • Understand the Concepts of Functional Setup Manager

    • Understand the Configuration of General Ledger

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    Tekslate is the best and supportive online destination to learn Oracle Fusion Financials. The trainers supported to getting calls also. 100% worth of money you invest.


    Oracle Fusion Financials Training  FAQ'S

    Have questions? We’ve got the answers. Get the details on how you can grow in this course.

    We have a strong team of professions who are experts in their fields. Our trainers are highly supportive and render a friendly working environment to the students positively stimulating their growth. 

    We will share you the missed session from our recordings. We at Tekslate maintains a recorded copy of each live course you undergo.

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