Cloud Computing Courses

NetApp Training

NetApp Training➔Lean Volumes, Networking, CIFS ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Online Course Certification ✔️Live Projects ✔️Job Assistance ✔️24/7 Support ✔️Free Demo


30 hours

VMware Training

VMware Training & Certification course Online -> Learn(Vsphere, VCSA, VirtualMachines)✔️Live Projects ✔️30Hrs ✔️100%Job Assistance✔️Free Demo


20 hours

AWS Training

AWS Training & Certification Course ➔ Learn Route53, Databases, VPC, Tools ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Live Projects ✔️100%Job Assistance ✔️24/7 Support.


30 hours

SalesForce Developer Training

Salesforce Developer Online Training Course & Certification ➔Learn Apex data, visualforce pages, triggers, etc ✔️Live Projects ✔️20 Hrs ✔️100%Job Assistance.


20 hours

Microsoft Azure Training

Microsoft Azure Training & Online Course ➔ Live Projects ✔️30 hrs ✔️Certification & Job Assistance ✔️24/7 Support ✔️Free Demo ✔️Enroll Now!


30 hours

SalesForce Lightning Training

Salesforce Lightning Training & Online Course ➔ Live projects ✔️30 hrs✔️Job & Certification Assistance ✔️24*7 Support ✔️Free Demo ✔️Enroll Now!


25 hours

SalesForce CPQ Training

Salesforce CPQ Training & Certification Course ➔Learn about pricing methodology, discounting, and quote management ✔️Live Projects ✔️15 Hrs ✔️Job Assistance


15 hours

Anaplan Training

Anaplan Online Training Course & Certification➔ Learn Anaplan model, Anaplan Instructional Designer etc ✔️Live Projects ✔️30 Hrs ✔️100%Job Assistance.


30 hours

SalesForce Training

SalesForce Training & Online Course➔Lean PASS, IASS, Salesforce CRM ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Live Projects ✔️Certification ✔️100% Job Assistance ✔️24/7 Support


40 hours

Informatica Cloud Training

Enroll in Informatica Cloud Training at Tekslate to transform your career as an Informatica Cloud Professional. Join live classes, get insights from mentors, work on projects and case studies.


24 hours