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Gain essential skills taught by industry experts with our custom tailored curriculum. Work on projects that add weightage to your resume and get job ready.


Course Overview

TeskSlate’s ServiceNow online training allows you to implement ServiceNow to reduce IT costs and build custom applications. It includes basic concepts like ServiceNow lifecycle, ServiceNow architecture, cloud computing, agile methodology, home pages customization, and form layouts. Our live projects and industry scenarios will provide you hands-on knowledge of UI policies, performance metrics, SLA’s, list calculations, updating sets exports, Service Catalog, Workflow approvals, Script includes, Job scheduling, GlideRecord, pivot tables, CMDB classes, event registry, incident management, problem management, and workflows. You will also master MID server installation, SLA workflow, knowledge management, and my approvals. Join our ServiceNow online training to take your Knowledge of ServiceNow to the next level. 


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30 Hrs Instructor Led Training
Key Highlights tekslate courses
Self-paced Videos
Key Highlights tekslate courses
20 Hrs Project & Exercises
Key Highlights tekslate courses
Key Highlights tekslate courses
Job Assistance
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Flexible Schedule
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Lifetime Free Upgrade
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Mentor Support

ServiceNow Course Curriculum


  • What is ITSM
  • Problem Management
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management Database
  • Service Request Management
  • OLA’s and SLA’s
  • Introduction to ServiceNow
  • Need of ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Lifecycle and Features
  • ServiceNow Architecture
  • Cloud Computing in ServiceNow
  • Agile Methodology
  • Users and Navigations
  • Home Pages Customization
  • List Layouts and Form Layouts
  • Adding the users to the groups
  • Granting roles to the users
  • Modules and Applications
  • Creating Modules and Tables group
  • Creating Rising and Tickets requests
  • Performance Metrics
  • Creating SLA’s
  • Dictionary Entries
  • UI Policies
  • Overriding Data Policies
  • Notifications
  • List calculations and control
  • Exporting Data from the ServiceNow
  • Updating sets exports and imports
  • Capturing the class work in Update sets for understanding their movement and purpose.
  • Job Scheduling
  • Controlling the data access in the framework of the ServiceNow Contextual Security.
  • Defining the reference qualifiers that guide the appropriate data to appropriate users at the appropriate time.
  • Implementing the Web Services REST API integration and learning the possible data paths into ServiceNow
  • Creating the Record Producer
  • Coordinating the service catalog elements, including cart controls, variables, and user criteria.
  • Implementing the new workflows that utilize various activities for understanding how to create records from workflows.
  • Defining and using the database view as a report source, considering performance best practices, and trying to apply security controls to reporting.
  • Establish the system controls that guide the appropriate data to appropriate users at appropriate time.
  • Performing core configuration activities
  • Working with UI(User Interface) policies, UI actions, data policies, client scripts, and business rules.
  • Add groups, roles, and users.
  • Handling data with the tables, CMDB(Configuration Management Database), Update sets, and Import sets.
  • Working with two process applications: Knowledge Base and ServiceNow Service Catalog
  • Creating workflow approvals and activities
  • Configuring notifications and alerts
  • View Upgrade status and history
  • Controlling the data security and system access
  • Creating baseline performance measures
  • Configuring Service Level Agreements(SLAs), Running reports, and Performing instance customization and branding.
  • Integrating social IT elements and learning best practices
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Hands-on Projects

ServiceNow Projects
Practical oriented projects and use-cases will help you experience how the skills learned will solve real-time problems.
At least two projects.
Assisted lab setup to practice skills.

ServiceNow Modes of Training

Self Paced Learning
30 Hrs of Pre-recorded videos
e-learning content
Life-time LMS Access
100% Practical Approach
Labs and Practicals included
Watch & Learn at your own pace
Online Classroom
30 Hrs of Instructor-Led Live Training
Doubts solving with Trainers
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A customized learning experience for the global corporate workforce. A tailored approach to deliver a trending skillset.

Choose the learning mode that suits you:

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Online ServiceNow Training Objective

The main objective of this ServiceNow training is to impart in-depth knowledge of the ServiceNow platform. It makes you an expert in deploying ServiceNow to improve your business performance and efficiency. With our course curriculum, real-time experts, 45hrs of instructor-led live training sessions, and Simulation learning, you will be able to clear the ServiceNow certification exams and start your career.

This ServiceNow course is suitable for System Engineers, IT Administrators, and Application Developers. Anyone who wants to learn ServiceNow can join this ServiceNow training.

Having previous knowledge of databases, programming languages, and networking concepts is helpful but not mandatory to take this ServiceNow training.

According to, the average salary of a ServiceNow Administrator in the US is around $110K per annum.

ServiceNow professionals are needed for many companies like:

  • HCL Technologies
  • Capgemini
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Accenture
  • Wipro

By the end of this ServiceNow course, you will have the skillset to get a job in a leading organization. Following job roles are offered to ServiceNow professionals:

  • ServiceNow Developer
  • ServiceNow Architect
  • ServiceNow ITSM Application Developer
  • ServiceNow ITOM Architect
  • ServiceNow ITOM Developer
  • ServiceNow Administrator

ServiceNow Certification Course Reviews

The ServiceNow course from Tekslate was very informative. The instructor seems knowledgeable and is covered the whole curriculum.





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Earn a TekSlate ServiceNow Certification

Upon completion of the training you’ll be provided a course completion certificate which adds weightage to your resume and increases your chances of getting hired.


  • Certification Assistance
  • Certification Sample Questions
  • course completion certificate

    ServiceNow Course Online FAQ's

    ServiceNow is a PaaS provider, offering technical management support like IT service management, IT operations of big enterprises, and help desk functionality. It mainly focuses on management of “problem, change, and incident.” 

    ServiceNow is best because it is capable of handling everything as a service. The highlight of ServiceNow is its extensively managed workflow that provides wide support and allows enterprise services domain to specify and deliver the service. 

    ServiceNow provides both Software as a Service(SaaS) and Platform as a Service(PaaS) products through its Now platform in the single-tenant architecture. 

    The ServiceNow certification showcases that an individual has the knowledge to configure, maintain, and implement the ServiceNow system. It is available to partners, customers, sales engineers, and others who want to take the ServiceNow certification exams. 

    ServiceNow provides the following certifications for the partners and customers who use and work with ServiceNow products.

    • Certified Implementation Specialist(CIS)
    • Certified Application Developer(CAD)
    •  Certified Systems Administrator(CSA)
    • Certified Application Specialist(CAS)