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Gain essential skills taught by industry experts with our custom tailored curriculum. Work on projects that add weightage to your resume and get job ready.


This Workday HCM online training from TekSlate offers exceptional basic and functional training for Workday HCM. The entire course has been designed to help you achieve the best in the industry. Also, the instructors are experts in the domain and have years of experience in working professionally. The course has covered almost every other part of the Workday HCM technology, right from the basic concepts to advanced ones.


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30 Hrs Instructor Led Training
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Self-paced Videos
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20 Hrs Project & Exercises
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Job Assistance
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Flexible Schedule
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Lifetime Free Upgrade
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Workday HCM Course Curriculum

1.   Organizations in Workday

  • Create a Supervisory Organization
  • Create Subordinate Organization
  • Additional Organization Types and Hierarchies
  • Organization Assignments on Supervisory Organization
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Differentiating Staffing Modes
  • Selecting a Staffing Model 
  • Job Profiles
  • Differentiate Job Profiles
  • Job Families
  • Job Family Groups
  • Creating Positions and Headcount Groups
  • Compensation Components
  • Compensation Segment Security
  • Compensation Rules
  • Compensation Reports
  • Security Group Types
  • Configurable Security
  • Functional Areas
  • Securable Items
  • Security Policies 
  • Business Process Framework
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Business Process Functionality
  • Business Process and Subprocess 
  • Create a Pre-Hire
  • Hire Process
  • Staffing Movements
  • Termination 
  • Delivered Reports & Navigation
    • Running Standard Reports
  • Terminology & Concepts
    • Business Objects
    • Data Sources
    • Report Fields
  • Creating Custom Reports 
    • Field Types
  • Editing Custom Reports
    • Sorts
    • Filters
  • Advanced Report Type
    • Prompts & Advanced Filtering
    • Fields from RBOs
    • Sub Sorts & Sub Filtering
  • Contextual Reporting
  • Totalling, Outlining & Grouping Report Data
  • Report Security - Sharing
  • Locating Reports
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Report Management & Other Configuration Features
  • Matrix Reporting
  • Overview of Calculated Fields
  • Calculated Field Functions & Activities
  • Format Date 
  • Increment/Decrement Date 
  • Date Difference 
  • Build Date 
  • True/False Condition 
  • Convert Currency 
  • Text Constants (Global CFs) 
  • Evaluate Expression 
  • Workshops
  • Lookup Range Band 
  • Substring Text 
  • Concatenate Text 
  • Text Length 
  • Format Number 
  • Convert Text to Number 
  • Lookup Related Value 
  • Extract Single Instance 
  • Extract Multi-Instance 
  • Workshops
  • Lookup Value as of Date 
  • Prompt for Value 
  • Arithmetic Calculation 
  • Count Related Instances 
  • Sum Related Instances 
  • Aggregate Related Instances 
  • Lookup Organizational Roles 
  • Lookup Organization 
  • Lookup Hierarchy 
  • Lookup Hierarchy Rollup 
  • Lookup Translated Value 
  • Workshops
  • EIB Overview 
    • Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)
    • The 3-step EIB Design Pattern
  • Inbound Integration Systems
    • Understanding the Business Process Associated with the Inbound Data
    • Generating Templates
    • Loading Bulk Transactions
    • Viewing and Validating Inbound Integration System Results
    • Customizing Templates
    • Troubleshooting
  • Outbound Integration Systems
    • Using both Reports as a Service (RaaS) and Workday Web Services to extract Data
    • Integration Systems and Event Results
    • Scheduling Integrations
    • Using Custom XSLT
    • Using Sequence Generators
    • Delivering Notifications
    • Troubleshooting
  • Integration Architecture Overview
  • Integration Cloud Connect
  • Integration System Templates
  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Integration Services in Core connector
  • Change Detection Procedure in Core Connectors
  • Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting Using XTT and ETV
  • Integration Business Process
  • Troubleshooting

Workday HCM Modes of Training

Self Paced Training

  • 30 Hrs of Live Recorded Videos
  • Life-time LMS Access
  • 100% Practical Approach

Online ClassroomRecommended
  • 30 Hrs of Live Training
  • Flexible Timing Options
  • Real-Time Projects
  • Job Assistance
  • Certification Guidance
  • Flexible EMI Options

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Why Corporates Choose Tekslate For Their Training Needs

Tekslate is the training partner for more than 120+ corporates across the globe having trained over 2000+ professionals. We are a one stop solution for skill upgrade for organizations and individuals to innovate and progress rapidly.

Flexible training options globally

Tailored curriculum to fit your project needs.

Assured practical exposure

We have got everything covered for any IT skill upgrade for your organization. We are just a click away.


Workday HCM Training Objectives

The objective of this online Workday HCM training is to help you understand the basics of Workday and particulars of the document plan. Along with that, you also get to find out the functionalities and working of a workday suite. The course also teaches you how to arrange the application so as to meet recognized prerequisites.

Being a Workday consultant, you can get extensive career opportunities. They have a higher payscale in the IT environment. Also, being a certified Workday HCM professional, you can earn an average salary of $110,000.

This Workday HCM certification course is ideal for individuals in Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) technology. The course is also for those who are finance and human resource professionals. Those who are interested in making a career in this stream can also get enrolled in the course. MBA graduates with finance or HR specialties can also take part. 

Before you enroll in this Workday HCM training course, you must ensure that you have adequate experience in recruitment and HR fields. Moreover, basic knowledge of SAP HCM is also recommended. 

Once you have completed this Workday HCM training course, you will get to have the following skills:

  • Create a Supervisory Organization
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Job Profiles
  • Compensation Components
  • Security Group Types
  • Business Process Framework
  • Create a Pre-Hire
  • Delivered Reports & Navigation
  • Calculated Field Functions & Activities
  • Inbound Integration Systems

And much more!

After completing the Workday HCM training, here are some of the positions you can apply to: 

  • Workday HCM Architect
  • Workday HCM Manager
  • Workday HCM Analyst
  • Workday HCM Project Manager
  • Workday HCM Functional Consultant

Tekslate Advantage:

Real - World Projects

With real-world projects you’ll gain working experience that companies require while you get hired.

Career Services

Our career services include mock interviews, certification assistance and guide you to prepare your professional resume that gets you hired.

Flexible Learning Options

Customize your curriculum as per your project needs, learn at your own pace or choose the schedule that fits best to you.

Mentor Support

Our expert mentors help you when you are stuck in any time of the training sessions and help you stay on track.

Workday HCM Training Reviews


I completed my Workday HCM Online Training. The trainer was well organised and explained all the concepts we



I was a bit sceptical about taking an online course, but I have to say that I’m delighted with the exp



Tekslate training is the best place to gather, garner and garden the knowledge for all around the globe on W



Upon completion of the training you’ll be provided a course completion certificate which adds weightage to your resume and increases your chances of getting hired.


  • Certification Assistance
  • Certification Sample Questions
  • Workday HCM Course FAQ's

    Workday HCM is one cloud-based human resource management software system that helps unify an extensive range of HR functionality into one single system. The software offers a variety of benefits and features, such as workforce planning, recruiting, compensation, time tracking, payroll, talent management and more. 

    Considering the features it offers, learning and gaining knowledge of Workday HCM is definitely worth it. With this one software, you can handle all processes of the finance or hR streams of a company. Hence, you can save hours that would have otherwise been spent on generating manual results.

    Acquiring Workday HCM certification helps prove that you have acquired enough skills and knowledge to begin working in a professional environment.

    Companies are hiring more certified professionals. Thus, if you have a certificate in hand, you have more chances of getting hired.

    • Enroll in a Workday HCM training Course online, such as which provides industry relevant experience through projects like the one TekSlate offers.
    • Review  Exam Guides available and practice whitepapers.
    • After completing the training, schedule the exam and attain the passing score to become Workday HCM certified.

    The cost for Workday HCM certification is $200. 

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