Windchill Interview Questions

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In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most common Windchill Interview questions asked in a PTC Windchill interview. We have also provided some tips on how to answer them effectively.

Most frequently Asked Windchill Interview Questions

Windchill Interview Questions and Answers

Q1) What exactly is PTC Windchill?

Ans: PTC Windchill is a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that allows companies to better manage their products and processes. It has the capability of managing data from product inception to retirement.

Q2) What are some of the most important skills for success in this role?

Ans: The most important skills for success in this role would be: analytical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills. You will also need strong verbal and written communication skills.

Q3) List some of the PTC products

Ans: An assortment of computer-aided design features is offered by the PTC CAD software. Other products offered by PTC include:

  • CREO Parametric; previously known as Pro/Engineer
  • CREO Simulate; previously known as Pro/Mechanica
  • CREO Direct; previously known as CoCreate OneSpace Modeling
  • Options Modeller for CREO
  • CREO Illustrate schematics
  • CREO View
  • Illustrate CREO

Q4) What are the essentials of Windchill PDM?

Ans: PTC's production-proven PTC Windchill software serves as the foundation for PTC Windchill Product Data Management (PDM) Essentials. Data management tasks are made simpler by transparently integrating them into the design process with Windchill PDM Essentials. It maintains all types of information produced during the creation of a product, including CAD drawings, customer specifications, schematics, and Bill of Materials (BoMs). With this cutting-edge product data management tool, managing, sharing, and reviewing your data is simple. 

A single view of the most recent product data is now possible, and desktop tools, Microsoft Office, and key-end CAD vendors are all more tightly integrated. Additionally, it offers your users time savings through improved version control, automated data release, and straightforward search features.

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Q5) The definition of Windchill Workgroup Manager

Ans: A compatible authoring program and a Windchill server can share data through the client-based Windchill Workgroup Manager tool from PTC. It has a built-in browser that gives you access to both a shared project space on the server and a local workspace on your client.

Q6) How does Windchill PDMLink work?

Ans: How can you preserve the integrity of your product information with so much data scattered around your business and several people working on the same files? Windchill PDMLink is the answer. A Web-based Product Data Management (PDM) solution with extensive industry experience, Windchill PDMLink allows globally dispersed teams while controlling crucial operations including content, update, and configuration management. By keeping master data in a safe location where you can manage, track, and record all changes, Windchill PDMLink preserves the accuracy of your product information.

When you make changes to your data, Windchill PDMLink stores a modified version of the data, signed and dated, in a safe location alongside the original data, which is kept as a permanent record in its original format. You can manage both the release cycle and configuration of your product with Windchill PDMLink, which also offers change control management.

Q7) Explain the Windchill Project link

Ans: Windchill, a web-based framework for collaborative product creation called ProjectLink automates and tracks projects. You and your team may interact, hold meetings, exchange and discuss documents and product architectures, and track task progress using the shared workspace that ProjectLink offers. ProjectLink is a secure web-based solution that can be utilized with ease in any collaboration context, including private exchange environments and public business-to-business (B2B) exchanges.

It can also be applied outside of your company's an engineering and manufacturing divisions. Windchill ProjectLink can be used to handle any project that calls for team members to exchange electronic information, such as authoring yearly reports or developing training materials.

Q8) What do you know about Windchill Partslink?

Ans: PDMLink's Windchill PartsLink module delivers part classification-based functionalities. Through simple navigation and searching, PartsLink gives you the ability to execute generic attribute searching and manage your findings. You can search for components by entering a part number or a free-form product description in the search criteria text box. You can use text and photos to view the hierarchically arranged structure of your sections. 

By limiting parameters in a generic search, you can further narrow your search. Your team can use Windchill PartsLink to carry out similar part searches. By extending your search, you can look for parts that match the specified component and have parametric qualities that are within a specific percentage or absolute tolerance of it. The result set can also be exported to a file. Many businesses miss out on the advantages of reusing product components because they lack an extensive part search system. Limiting the result set through criteria-based searching greatly aids in reuse decision-making. PTC Windchill PartsLink assists in resolving such issues.

Q9) Explain Windchill Quality Solutions

Ans: You might have access to one or more programs depending on the Windchill Quality Solutions suite you have such as the Windchill Quality Solutions 10.1 Desktop, Windchill Quality Solutions 10.1 Administrator, or Windchill Quality Solutions 10.1 Web Access. The core of the Windchill Quality Solutions suite is Windchill Quality Solutions, the desktop version. The feature-rich Windows program for all of your dependability and maintainability tasks is available in team and corporate additions.

The Windchill Quality Solutions Administrator, which gives you alternatives for administrative controls including tools to facilitate secure login, is also a part of the enterprise. You can access data entry, filtering, graphing, reporting, and other features through Windchill Quality Solutions Web Access, which is provided particularly for Windchill FMEA violations in the enterprise edition.

Q10) Explain Windchill’s End Item

Ans: The components of a product that are finally put together or sold to a buyer are called end items. Windchill designates it as the principal end item for the context when you construct parts with the end item property set to yes. Primary ends are automatically gathered and added to your modifications.

Q11) For managing processes and product data, is there any other Windchill software?


  • An essential component of Manufacturing Process Management is Windchill MPMLink.
  • Companies in the retail, garment, footwear, and consumer product industries frequently utilize Windchill FlexPLM as their product lifecycle management solution.
  • PTC's Integrity product and Windchill PDMLink work together to provide Windchill Requirements Management, which controls product data software and hardware requirements.
  • Discrete manufacturers can manage their portfolios using the tool Windchill PPMLink.
  • Throughout a product's serviceable lifecycle, Windchill Service Information Manager generates dynamic, correlated service part information.
  • By enabling service information to be arranged and optimized for reliability, usefulness, and rich, graphics-driven delivery, Windchill Service Parts enhances service operations.

Q12) How does the PTC Product Development System (PDS) integrate with Windchill 9.0?

Ans: A key element of PTC's comprehensive product development system is Windchill. It enables enterprises to streamline crucial product development procedures and have a single repository in charge of all product information. PTC's Prod uct Development System can be swiftly installed, offers a lower total cost of ownership, and decreases the risk of technological obsolescence over time thanks to its integrated, pure Internet, and interoperable architecture. Learn more about PTC's Product Development System.

Q13) Describe in detail the Windchill 9.0 enhancements to usability, visualization, and other areas.

Ans: Product View Lite 9.0 introduces new integrated visualization capabilities that dramatically increase loading, interacting, and disseminating visualization data performance, enhancing user productivity. Enhanced reporting features with market-leading Cognos 8 Business Intelligence, including instantaneous, out-of-the-box reports on change management activities, user task status, and project progress

Strong user interface configuration tools allow you to customize the interactions and functionalities that are available to a specific user based on their job and activities. Utilize new smart replication capabilities that enhance system performance and availability while lowering replication setup and administrative upkeep to efficiently coordinate information with remote users and outside partners. Extended supportability options, which make use of commercially available Java extensions and frameworks, simplify installations, and include more system monitoring tools.

Q14) What possibilities are there for quickly putting Windchill 9.0 solutions into production?

 Ans: To assist top firms in realizing the full potential of Windchill, PTC Global Services combines strategic process consulting, system implementation services, and an innovative educational strategy. These operations have been integrated and executed utilising a cutting-edge Realized Value Methodology, a compilation of experiences and lessons acquired from thousands of client encounters, to ensure that our customers receive the greatest value from their investment in the shortest amount of time.These resources are integrated to create several standard solutions that are created to satisfy the requirements of a specific business process, industry, or stage of implementation.

Q15) What is interesting in the release of Windchill 9.1?

Ans: Along with several enhancements to enterprise product content management, usability, and supportability, Windchill 9.1 now provides better support for core product development processes.

Q16) How does the PTC product development system (PDS) accommodate Windchill 9.1?

Ans: A key element of PTC's comprehensive product development system is Windchill. It enables enterprises to streamline crucial product development procedures and have a single repository in charge of all product information. PTC's Product Development System can be swiftly installed, offers a lower total cost of ownership, and decreases the risk of technological obsolescence over time thanks to its integrated, pure Internet, and interoperable architecture.

Q17) Give a succinct description of the usability and supportability upgrades in Windchill 9.1.

 Ans: Numerous usability enhancements in Windchill 9.1 make it easier to navigate and use the program. Column freeze and column resize are two specific examples. Along with streamlining deployment, Windchill 9.1 has significantly enhanced installation processes. This update will substantially simplify the transition from Windchill 9.0 to Windchill 9.1 and won't involve data migration.


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