Welcome to Dell Boomi Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to provide in depth understanding of  of Boomi platform and how it can be used in different premises.

In addition to free Dell Boomi Tutorials, we will cover common interview questions, issues and how to’s of Dell Boomi.

Introduction of Dell Boomi Tutorials

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform for connecting cloud and on-premises applications and data. The platform enables customers to design cloud-based integration processes called Atoms and transfer data between cloud and on-premises applications.

Common business processes Dell Boomi AtomSphere automates across NetSuite and other applications include:

-EDI / B2B (manufacturing, distribution, supply chain management)

-Human Capital Management (hire-to-retire, HR, payroll, expense management)

-eCommerce and Retail

-Professional Services Automation

-CRM (lead-to-cash, quote-to-cash) Billing

-Marketing automation

Architecture of Dell Boomi


At the lowest level of Boomi's architecture is the Atom. This is a single-tenant, single node runtime engine. It contains all of the components (connectors, transformation rules, business/processing logic) required to execute processes. it is lightweight and can be installed to a local machine or virtual machine in the cloud.


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When Atoms are clustered together they form a Molecule. This is a single-tenant, multiple-node clustered Atom that allows for multiple processes to run concurrently. It is the enterprise-grade version of an Atom that can be deployed across multiple servers to enhance load balancing and ensure high availability for mission-critical integration processes.

dell boomi tutorials

Dell Boomi has a proven, tenant-isolation implementation that achieves isolation at a process, data and management level by:

-Assigning a unique identifier to each account and tagging all objects associated with the account with this ID.

-Using roles and permissions to control access to account objects and management functions.

-Encapsulating all integration workflow, transformation rules, business logic validations and connector operations as metadata bound to a specific customer account.

-Deploying workflow configuration metadata to an Atom, which acts on it to perform the execution of an integration process.

Advantages of Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi AtomSphere enables the quick and easy integration of any combination of cloud, SaaS, or on-premises applications with no appliances, no software, and no coding. Companies of all sizes are benefiting from this and realizing:

-Faster time to market / ROI

-Greater data integrity

-Competitive advantages

NetSuite’s powerful platform often serves as the business “hub” for an organization. Integrating NetSuite with other business applications yields a number of compelling benefits, including:

-Allows for a single, 360-degree view of customers and their activity

-Improves data quality by reducing manual data re-entry & its inherent risks

-Transfers data bi-directionally to keep multiple systems in sync

-Automates business processes for greater efficiency

-Maximizes your NetSuite investment while leveraging your existing application infrastructure.