It is a web based component used to create simple reports (or) Adhoc reports (or) self service reports (or) Instant reports.

  • It is end users (client) studio.
  • The full query is types of reports can be generated by using query studio.

  1. List report
  2. Crosstab report
  3. Chart report.


Ex: Create a simple list report with order year, order month, qty and revenue by using query studio.

  • Open the IE browser to access the query studio.
  • Enter the following URL http://IBM Cognos
  • From welcome page select “Query my data” (query studio)
  • Select the package go sales and retailers.
  • Drag order year, order month, qty

  • Drop on work area.

Eliminating duplicates:

  • Use group options to eliminate duplicates and to display group totals.
  • Select order year data item in the list report.
  • From menu arrrowchange layout arrrow select group


It is used to restore the duplicates.

  • Select order yeararrrow ungroup


Collapse group:

It is used to hide (or) collapse the details of a group.

  • Select order year in the list report.
  • From change layout menu --> select collapse group.


Expand group:

To restore the details of a group

  • Select order year arrrowfrom change layout menu expand group.


Create sections:

It is used to divide a report into number of sections.

  • Select order year in the list report.
  • From change layout menu select create sections/

Set page breaks:

To create page breaks for each and every section to display single page.

  • Select order year apply set page breaks.


Set web page size:

It is used to set a number of rows per each and every page.


Edit title area:

To specifies the title name to the report.


Change font styles:

It is used to set the required color and fonts.


Pivot: It is used to connect a list into crosstab.

  • Create a list report with order year, order method, qty, and revenue.
  • Select order year from change layout menu.
  • Select pivot

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Swap rows and columns:

It is used to convert rows into columns and columns into rows in a crosstab.


It is an option used to convert a list (or) crosstab into a chart report.

Define conditional styles: It is used to perform simple conditional formatting.

  • Create a list report order year, order method, revenue
  • Select revenue
  • From change layout menu arrrow select define conditional styles.
  • New valuearrrow 1000000 arrrow insert
  • Stylearrrowexcellent
  • New value arrrow500000 arrrowinsert
  • Stylearrrow average
  • New value arrrow 50000 arrrow insert
  • Style arrrow poor



It is a predefined structure that can be reused for multiple reports.

  • Use report studio to create templates.


Creating a template:

  • Open report studio with gosals and vectors package.
  • From file menu select new, select template.
  • Double click to edit text ABC limited.
  • Subtitle arrrow India
  • Select page explorer arrrow click on ‘classes’
  • From global class extension arrrow list column body cell.
  • Set the required color, font by using font property.
  • Select list column title call arrrow set the required template file menu, click on save under your folder with the required name.


Applying template:

  • Open query studio with gosels and retailers.
  • Create a list report with country, product link, and qty and revenue order method.
  • From change layout menu select apply template
  • Apply a template
  • Select Template --> browses your required template.
  • And select the template --> ok


Define custom groups:

It is used to compare one element in the attribute with remaining elements in the attribute.


  • Create a list report with order method, revenue.
  • Select order method
  • From edit data menu select define custom groups.
  • Enter the new group name arrrowemail_group arrrow add from available values arrrowemail arrrow add.
  • Create another group arrrow others_group arrrowadd
  • From available value arrrow select all values arrrow add
  • Click on ok
  • Select order method data cell arrrow click on delete.
  • Select revenue -arrrow click on ‘calculate’ option
  • Operation type arrrow percentage
  • Operation -arrrow % of total
  • Report type arrrow revenue
  • % of total

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