Roles on cognos side:


1.  Cognos architect role:

  • Meta data modeling as per the report requirement
  • Creating projects, creating models, creating packages


2.  Cognos administration roles: 

  • Installations and configurations, creating users, assigning permissions and privileges to users and taking the backups, tuning the servers, providing security to the objects.


 3.  Cognos report developer:

  • Developing the report by going through RRT (report requirement template)


RRT:  (report requirement template)

It is a document which contains all the required information to develop a report application

  • Cognos is a reporting tool (or) BI tool (or) OLAP tool
  • It is a product of IBH
  • It is a client server technology
  • It is a GUI based tool (graphical user interface)
  • IBM cognos BI is a completely web based dynamic business intelligence reporting solution from IBM


Pre request installing cognos:

  1. Operating system – windows xp professional
  2. Database – oracle, windows SQL server
  3. Web server - IIS
  4. Cognos software


  • Where we install cognos the following two types of components

  1. Windows based component
  2. Web based component

Windows based component: 

  1. Frame work manager
  2. Map manager

Web based manager:

  1. Cognos connection
  2. Report connection
  3. Query studio
  4. Analysis studio
  5. Event studio


Query subject:

  • In cognos terminally a table is called as query subject
  • By default every query subject is associated with a query with feature the actual data from database at the time of execution
  • Query subjects are two types


  1. Dimensional query subject
  2. Fact query subject


Dimensional query subject:

A query subject which contains any identifiers and attributes without any measures is called a dimensional it is symbolicallyScreenshot_3

Fact query subject:

A query subject which contains measures along with dimensions is called a fact query subject.

It is symbolically represented withScreenshot_1


Query items:

Columns are called as query items in cognos query items are called categorized in to 3 types

  1. Identifiers
  2. Attributes
  3. Measures


Key, columns, data columns

These core tutorials will help you to learn the fundamentals of Cognos. 

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Descriptive columns



Key performance indicators

Note:    The default aggregation for measure is “sum”

Eg:    at database level; customer (table)

At frame work manager level: customer is called as query subject



Custno, cutname, cust_age, cust_add, mail_id, Qty, rename

(Query items)

Identifier: cust no

Attributes: cust names, cust_age, cust_address, mail_id

Measures: Qty rename.



A package is created by copying all the objects required from the project

  • Provide the security to the project before publishing in to content store( database)

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