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Tekslate stands out with its Alteryx training online. We help you have a better understanding of Alteryx as a tool making the most of it with hands-on training. Our focused course covers preparation, analysis, and blending of data for superior insights. Our expert trainers give you the power and flexibility to integrate and coordinate distinct data sources quickly.

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A complete index of
job-ready skills curated
to meet the industrial need.

Reading, Blending and Writing Data with Alteryx Designer

  • Load data from multiple sources
  • oin data sets Write to multiple data files, grouped by key fields
  • Format data sets 
  • Find and replace delimiters
  • Split fields into multiple columns
  • Using conditional statements in formulas
  • Format Date/Time fields
  • Use values from previous/subsequent rows in formulas.
  • Join two tables from the same database, join the result to an Excel spreadsheet and view the output as a Pivot Table in Excel using: 
  • Filter
  • Summarize
  • Browse
  • Union
  • Join  Multiple
  • Input Data
  • Formula
  • Join
  • Output Data
  • Date Filter
  • Generate  Row
  • Summarize data by groups
  • Sort data
  • Extract a specified portion of records from the data
  • Pivot the orientation of a data table
  • Use Regular Expressions for data parsing dynamically rename fields

Basic Solr Project For Providing Search Capability(Like Google Search Engine)

  • Add text to reports and documents 
  • Arrange reporting snippets
  • Create presentation quality reports in various formats
  • Create a workflow that can run as a single tool in another workflow 
  • Create input parameters for passing data to a macro tool
  • Display output arrows on a macro tool

Create Analytic App Workflows that can be run by consumers

  • Retrieve data from url
  • API call through REST architecture.
  • Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SimilarWeb, Sistrix(SEO tool), Facebook Analytics

Create a macro that will run through every record and then loop the records back through the workflow, repeating the entire process as many times

Tekslate offers advanced AlterYX interview questions and answers along with AlterYX resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.

We have made a tailored curriculum covering the latest industry-ready concepts to serve every individual’s learning desires.

Project  Details

We bring you the best learning experience by delivering all our training sessions practical. Following are the few use cases we shall discuss during the training.

In this project, every estimator was provided with a pack of cards. Each card represents a valid estimation written on it. The customer or product owner narrates a story; each estimator picks a card with their respective estimate. Cards are flipped so that everyone can see the cards and verifies the differences. Re-estimate until your estimate matches.

Project Highlights:

In this project, every estimator was provided with a pack of cards. Each card represents a valid estimation written on it. The customer or product owner narrates a story; each estimator picks a card with their respective estimate. Cards are flipped so that everyone can see the cards and verifies the differences. Re-estimate until your estimate matches.

AlterYX Training  Objectives

The primary objective of Tekslate’s Alteryx training is to enable the learners to gain expertise that can be very helpful for them to obtain certification or to find their dream job. The learners who are interested in Business intelligence are the perfect option for this course. The certification goes a very long way for the learners. Additionally, we provide projects and assignments, which aid students to learn about the technical difficulties of the business field. The real difficulties situation of this course will prepare them for the future.

Alteryx training and its certification enable you to improve your skills and work quality. Post-training you will be able to know how good the course you have been preparing before entering into the business world. The course completion will aid your jobs in the major multi-national companies, which is a primary step to achieve your career goals. 

There is a vast demand for Alteryx skilled and certified professionals all over the world. The average salary for Alteryx, Inc. is $128558 per year, ranging from $83991 to $158004.    

There are various opportunities and chances for the people who have a keen interest in this field. Getting certification in Alteryx is an added advantage to grow career for the people mentioned below:

  • Project managers
  • Data analytics
  • Software professionals
  • The professional of business intelligence
  • Database architects

No prerequisites exist to learn this course. Anyone can take this Tekslate Alteryx online training course.

This course is designed combining some projects, which will help you enhance your knowledge and skill. With these projects, the student can be able to get to know about the business difficulties and how to handle it in the business field. Undoubtedly these projects will enhance your visibility and improve their productivity and efficiency for the course in the area. Tekslate helps you get better each passing day. Our projects are done based on real-time scenarios helping the students face the business reality in a very sophisticated way of assisting them to seek jobs and polishing their skills.    

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Training  Options

Different individuals. Different upgrade goals. Different modes of learning.

We got solutions for everyone looking for an AWS Architect course. Opt in for your convenient upgrade option, and we will guide you through.

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Corporates  Training

Experience and witness the express transformation of your workforce from the world-class tech upgrade platform.

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Practical exposure is assured.

We have got everything covered for any IT upgrade for your organization. We are one click away.

Success Stories from Future Digital Leaders

I have completed Alteryx training Their way of teaching is very good and the trainer is very humble. Even the trainer is a working professional in an MNC company, which is an added advantage for us to learn recent industry scenarios.


Recently I completed Alteryx training course from Tekslate. They have completed the syllabus on time using real-time scenarios and provided with best quality course materials for reference. I strongly recommend Tekslate for Alteryx training online.


Thanks to Tekslate online training for providing the best Alteryx training. My trainers provided us a detailed course material along with an in-depth lecture about every single topic.


AlterYX Training  FAQ'S

Have questions? We’ve got the answers. Get the details on how you can grow in this course.

We have a strong team of professions who are experts in their fields. Our trainers are highly supportive and render a friendly working environment to the students positively stimulating their growth. 

We will share you the missed session from our recordings. We at Tekslate maintains a recorded copy of each live course you undergo.

Our Trainers will provide the student with the Server Access ensuring practical real-time experience and training with all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

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