Cognos Administration Interview Questions

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Why need staging area database for DWH?

Staging area needs to clean operational data before loading into data warehouse. Cleaning in the sense your merging data which comes from different source.

What is metric store database?

A metric store database is a special case of a query database. A metric store database is used to store the information associated with metrics that appear in scorecards, including targets performance metrics , thresholds , ember ship in sore-cards links to related reports.

Characterize datastores in Cognos?

Information sources, otherwise called question databases, are social databases, dimensionalcubes, documents, or other physical information stores it can be gotten to through IBM Cognos8. Application Tier Components utilize information source associations with get to information sources.

What is distinction between content store and substance chief?

A substance store is an information base which stores the meta information of the reports.

Be that as it may, where as a substance director is an administration which is accessible in dispatcher. which it deals with the security.

What is snapshot?

A Snapshot is the copy of data, when we create a snapshot it copies the exact data that’srelated to the at perticular report, we use snapshot when ever we want to compare reports.

Explain components of Report Net?

Framework manager ,Cognos connection, Query Studio, Report Studio.

How to generate cubes in cognos?

Power Play Transformer contain dimension,measure,model and cube. we can generate cube different way. > Just right click on cube name and build.

we can write script in unix. using that we can generate cube.

What is catalog and types of catalogs in cagnos?

A catalog is a file containing the information (Database tables) that Impromptu users need to create reports. > personal > distributed > hared > secured

What is the contrast between big business information distribution center and information stockroom?

Huge Organizations have a great deal of expanded wellsprings of data.There may be a dataware house solely for transport and others for information identified with the venture the organization runs.In such case the total enterprise's(company's) date product house is a major mix of all and is known the Enterprise information Warehouse(EDW)

How to join multiple db in catalog?

Mutiple database could not be connected in a single catalog. So that we use hotfile for this purpose.

What is difference between Informatica power mart and power center?

Using power center we can create global repository

Power mart used to create local repository

Global repository configure multiple server to balance session load

Local repository configure only single server

What is transformer?

Transformer is used for building the Cubes (Multidimensional Structure used for OLAP

What is Cognos Connection?

It is a Web portal for Cognos 8 and a component which interracts with the Content Store. It is a frontend to publish, find, manage, organize, and view organization’s business intelligence data.

What is the difference between static and dynamic conditions?

Static Condition

Whenever you run the report the condition will not change.

Dynamic Condition

Condition which keep on change whenever you run the report.

Name the responsibilities of Cognos Administrator?

Creating the Repository

Performing the task of backup and recovery of the Meta Data.

Tuning the servers.

Installations and configurations in distributed network environment

Developing the user Administration


What is Cognos Reporting tool?

Cognos is a Reporting tool from IBM which helps in reporting and analysis of various data from a data warehouse.

What is Cognos Powerhouse and what is it used for?

Cognos Powerhouse is High-Productivity Application Development Solutions equips you with high-productivity development environments for creating your data-driven business solutions faster,whether for Web-based, client/server, or traditional terminal-based access. PowerHouse has gained a worldwide reputation for productivity, reliability, performance, and flexibility.

What is difference between view and materialized view?

Views contains query whenever execute views it has read from base table Where as M views loading or replicated takes place only once which gives you better query performance.

What is the difference between a cascading report and drillthru report?why do we go for drill thru report?

Cascading report works based on the condition but drill thru work based on the data item what we select as a drill thru options

Characterize Cognos Reporting apparatus?

It's a detailing apparatus of IBM which help us in announcing and investigation of various information from an information warehouse. Read this blog to discover why Business Intelligence devices are basic to the present endeavors.

What is the way to generate IQD file from framework manager?

Create a Query Subject

Using properties pane select externalize.

We have four options in that select IQD

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