Introduction to IBM COGNOS

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Data Base:

It is a collection of interrelated data (or) it is a collection of objects

OLTP DATABASE: (original transactional processing)

It is used to perform day to day transaction (or) it is used to load day to day transaction data.

OLAP DATABASE: (online analytical processing)

It is used to perform analysis by maintaining all the historic data


Data warehouse tools are categorized into two types

  1. ETL tools
  2. Reporting tools (or) OLAP tools(or) BI tools

ETL tools:

Used to perform extraction transformation and loading

The following are the ETL tools available in the mark etl

  1. Informatica
  2. Data storage
  3. Abinitio
  4. ODI (Oracle data integrator)
  5. BODS (business objects data services)
  6. SSIS (sequel server integrator services)

Reporting tools:

  • Used to generate reports to perform analysis
  • The following are the reporting tools
  1. IBM Cognos
  2. SAP BO (business objects)
  3. Plicro strategy
  4. OBIEE (Oracle business intelligence)
  5. Hyperlan
  6. Qlik view

Fathers of data warehouse:

  1. Raiph Kim ball
  2. WH inmon
  • According to Ralph Kimball, a data warehouse is also a database specify designs for analysis per page but not for running the business
  • According to W.H inmon a data ware house is a time variant, nonvolatile subject oriented and integrated database.

Naming conventions for synonyms for data warehouse: 

  1. DSS : decision supporting system
  2. Historical database
  3. OLAP database
  4. BIS (business intelligence system)
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Data ware housing: (imp)  

It is a process of

  • Constructing the data warehouse (or) building the data warehouse (or) designing the DWH schema (database modeling (or) database architects.
  • ETL (ETL developers)


Data Acquisition

It is a process of ETL

Architecture of ETL:           


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