Project Creation & Execution in Cognos Framework

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21st September, 2018




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Framework workflow diagram:


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Procedure to create a project:

Start the following services to work with cognos IBM cognos Startarrrow runarrrowservices.Mscarrrowok Startarrrow programsarrrowIBM cognos 10arrrowIBM cognos framework managerarrrowselect create a name projectarrrowproject name arrrow locationarrrowokarrrowEnglisharrrowselect data sourcesarrrownextarrrowgo toarrrowtable’sarrrownextarrrowselectarrrowuse primary as foreign key  ( to import the tables with relations)arrrowclick on importarrrowfinish  

Creating a project:

From project viewer panel, select packages, right click, select create, select package, name, next, select all the required objects from the modelarrrownextarrrowselect including function setsarrrowfinisharrrowyesarrrownextarrrowadd usersarrrownextarrrowpublisharrrowfinish.  

Creating a report by using report studio:

  • Open the Browser interment explorer enter the following URL :

http:/localhost /cognos10

  • From welcome page, select author advanced report (report studio)
  • Select the package required ( B8AM sales package)
  • Select create name arrrowselect list arrrowclick on ok
  • Expand country query subject from lift can drag country code and drop on country code.


Executing a report: 

  • From run menu, click on run report


Publishing package:

  • Open framework manager with B8AM_sales_package
  • From project viewer pan. Expand packagearrrowselect the package and publish and right click on publish packagearrrow nextarrrownextarrrowpublisharrrowyesarrrowFinish


Procedure to select report studio package by using report studio:

  • Open report studio from file menu select name from package on browse(dropdown) select 8AM sales packagearrrow okarrrow select listarrrowok

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