Peoplesoft Financials Interview Questions
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Peoplesoft Financials Interview Questions

1Q) What is the P2P Cycle?

Ans: This Process includes the Procurement to Payment cycle.

  • Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt
  • Voucher
  • Payment

2Q) What are the main attributes of a Component Interface (CI)?

Ans: Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods, and Name.

3Q) Is it possible for a PeopleTools 8.4x and a PeopleTools 8.1x database to run on the same machine?

Ans: Yes, it’s possible. But it’s important to verify that the database version required by PeopleTools is the same as for the current PeopleTools x implementation.

4Q) Does Application Messaging work between 8.1x and 8.4x applications?

Ans: Application Messaging is used by PeopleSoft applications to communicate with one another. For example, the Financials Applications which are based on PeopleTools can communicate with HRMS applications, which are based on PeopleTools, using Application Messaging.

5Q) Customization is done in Dev DB. Which tool can be used to move it to Prod DB?

Ans: Use App Designer and Go Tools > Copy Project > To Database.

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6Q) How many Message nodes are possible for a database?

Ans: Unlimited.

7Q) How is it possible to get a single output by combining two or more queries?


8Q) Which Data Type is NOT supported by the PeopleCode programming environment?


9Q) What are the statuses available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?

Ans: Server, Client, and Queue Status.

10Q) What is the main business processes of Accounts Payable? 

Ans: Payables Business process overview:

  • Create Vouchers and payment processes using manual and automatic processes.
  • Country specific tax withholding
  • Matching the vouchers with the purchase orders and receipts
  • Post the vouchers
  • Maintain vouchers throughout their life cycle.
  • Create drafts, single voucher payment, prepayments, and self-billed invoices.
  • Optionally, send electronic payments to PeopleSoft  Financial Gateway.
  • Analyze accounts payable information using online inquiries, and by generating reports.
  • Archive accounts payable data.

11Q) What are the parts of an AE program?

Ans: Section, Step, and Action.

12Q) Which People code event is fired after the database is updated?

Ans: SavePostChange.

13Q) What is the main business process of Accounts Payable?

Ans: Create Vouchers and payments process using manual and automatic processes;

Matching the vouchers with the purchase orders and receipts;

Post the vouchers;

Maintain vouchers throughout their life cycle;

Create drafts, single voucher payment, prepayments, and self-billed invoices;

Optionally, send electronic payments to PeopleSoft

Financial Gateway;

Analyze accounts payable information using online

inquiries, and by generating reports;

14Q) What are the most important tables in Accounts Receivables in PeopleSoft?



15Q) What are the most important business processes of Accounts Receivable modules?


  1. Loading Pending items from Billing/External systems
  2. Entering Pending Recv items info into Pplsoft system and update the AR system with these data inputs(AR_UPDATE)
  3. Entering any deposits recvd in the system and update the AR System (using AR_UPDATE).
  4. Processing Refunds.
  5. Worksheets (Payment/Maintenance/Transfer) for performing matching operations for inbound funds against outbound funds.
  6. Predict Payments, Receive Payments through Lockboxes and update the AR system as items received. (AR_UPDATE)
  7. Generate Accounting Entries for entries originated in Peoplesoft AR system / External system.

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