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12th October, 2020




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MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database. Document-oriented means it stores the data in a file. MongoDB comes under the category of NoSql database. It stores the data in BSON (Binary JSON) format. It can be accessed through javascript notation and comes with their own shell.

Database – It is a set of collections.

If you do a little research to find out how to create a database in MongoDB, you’ll find documentation for the function “db.createCollection()”. This is actually how you create a database, but it’s referred to as a collection in NoSQL.

To create a MongoDB database:

-“Use” the database.

-Create a collection in the database.

-Verify that you got what you wanted.

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Assume you have installed MongoDB successfully in your system. Go to the terminal (ctrl + Alt + T) and type mongo and press enter. It opens up a mongo shell.

xyz@xyz-300E4c-300E5c-300E7c:$ mongo MongoDB shell version: 2.4.6 Connecting to: test >

To check all the database

To view the output in a proper format.
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