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25th September, 2020




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Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions And Answers

Q.1)What is the Legislative facts organization in Fusion HCM?

Ans) Legislative information companies are a way of partitioning payroll and related information. as a minimum one legislative records group is needed for every u.s. where the corporation operates. every legislative fact institution is related to one or more payroll statutory gadgets. each legislative facts group marks a law in which payroll is processed, and is associated with a legislative code, Forex, and it's very own value key flexfield structure.

Q.2) What is Oracle Fusion timber?

Ans) Oracle Fusion timber are graphical representations of hierarchical statistics along with the shape of your corporation. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) gives predefined tree systems for department, enterprise, function, and geography trees. You cannot alternate the predefined HCM tree systems. except for geography trees, you could create a couple of bushes for each HCM tree type, and a couple of versions of each tree. For all HCM tree sorts, however, only one model of every tree can be energetic at one time.

Q.3) In case you replace a challenge report more than one time in a single day, can you continue to song the record, if sure how?

Ans) For some objects, such as assignments, multiple replacements in line with the day is maintained by means of growing a physical record for every update. Such items include an effective sequence wide variety in every physical report to reveal the order in which updates made to an object on an unmarried day had been applied.

Q.4) What's practical Setup supervisor or FSM as it's far more generally referred to as?

Ans) Oracle Fusion useful Setup supervisor (FSM) is an application that gives a give an up-to-stop guided system for handling your useful implementation initiatives all through the whole implementation lifestyles cycle.

Q.5) What is agency structure Configurator (ESC) and what are the benefits of the use of it?

Ans) The ESC is an interview-primarily based device that courses you thru the configuration of your organization systems. Use the ESC as a part of your installation to define the organization systems and activity and function structures of the enterprise.

To get the right of entry to ESC, in the Setup and maintenance workplace, pick the set up business enterprise structures venture beneath the outline initial Configuration assignment listing.

Benefits of ESC:

  • Create all the organizational structures at one time.
  • Create a couple of configurations to check more than one scenario.
  • Evaluate the organization configuration previous to loading it.

Q.6)What do you apprehend by means of Reference records Sharing?

Ans) In Oracle Fusion Reference records sharing helps to share of configuration records together with jobs, grades across business devices. it can be understood as buckets of reference records assigned to multiple enterprise gadgets. It helps to reduce duplication and preservation by means of sharing not unusual data across business entities in which suitable. In Oracle Fusion programs reference facts sharing feature is likewise called SetID. a set, that's to be had out of the field is known as not unusual Set. In HCM Set enabled items are: Departments, locations, Jobs & Grades.

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Oracle Fusion Interview Questions

Q.7) What’s the distinction between the Watchlist and the Worklist?

Ans) The watchlist function offers a fixed of shortcuts to items that you need to tune or that require your attention. Watchlist is used to look a count for every object and to navigate to the relevant work location where you could view or carry out responsibilities at the item. as an example, a Watchlist item is for cost reviews looking forward to submission. you could see how many price reviews you have created but not yet submitted, and click the Watchlist object link to navigate to the painting's location in which those reports appear.

While Worklist function provides workflow tasks that require your approval or different movement, in addition to notifications for you to view. The worklist is used to manipulate obligations, get the right of entry to their info, or take suitable action. for example, a few managers may see approval tasks for invoices, and pick out a selected assignment to approve, reject, or otherwise act on the corresponding invoice.

Q.8) How many sections an overall performance template can preserve and what are those?

Ans) An Oracle Fusion overall performance Template can preserve a maximum of six sections, which can be given below

  1. Competency section
  2. Goal segment
  3. Worker very last comments section
  4. Supervisor very last comments segment
  5. Questionnaire segment
  6. Standard evaluate phase

Q.9) What are the different absence type patterns available in Fusion Absence control?

Ans) Alack pattern incorporates a predefined set of guidelines that you can use as a place to begin to create a lack of type. The sample that you pick determines whether unique fields appear on the absence of kind pages, as well as the alternatives available to display and process various aspects of absence recording. as an example, the contamination or harm sample displays a discipline that enables you to pick out whether or not the absence kind applies for childbirth or adoption placement.

The following are the three styles to be had in Fusion Absence control.

  1. illness or harm
  2. Childbirth or placement
  3. Common absence
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