Filters and its types in Cognos

21 September, 2018

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It is nothing but a condition to restrict the data to be displayed on the report There are two types of filters
  1. Model filter
  2. Report filter

Model filter:

If a filter is created at the time of designing model then it is called a model filter Model filters are reusable

Report filter:

A filter which is created at the time of generating the report is called a report filter Report filter is specific to that particular report only
  • Again model filters are two types
  1. Stand alone filter
  2. Embedded filter

Stand alone filter:

  • It is created at name space level it is available as a separate object in the model
  • It can be applied for any query subject in the model
  • Stand alone filters are two types
  1. Static filter
  2. Dynamic filter (or) parameterized filter (or) prompt

Static filter:

If a filter condition is created with a static value that can’t be changed at run time than it is called a static filter  

Syntax to create static filter:

Query time (column) operator operand. EX: year = 2010 EX: country in (‘India, ‘USA’) EX: year is not in (2009, 2011) EX: create a static filter for year 2008 at model filter Procedure: open framework, manager with replanted project
  • From project viewer pan, select the namespace (model) right click --> create-->  filter--> create name year_2006--> expand product
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Testing a filter:

  • Select product_fore caste query subject, right click, select edit definition
  • Select filter stop drag the filter year_2006, drop on filters window
  • Select test tab click on test sample

Parameterized filter:

If a filter condition is created with a parameter then it is called a parameterized filter (or) dynamic filter (or) prompts It allows the user either select the value(s) (or) to enter the time of execution

Syntax to create parameterized filter:

Query item operator, Parameter? EX: year =? param_year? Country in? param_country? Create a parameterize filter for country
  • Right click on the name space arrrowcreatearrrow filter arrrowname country (?) expand country_multilingual arrrow drag on the country on expression definition window arrrowok

Procedure  to create a folder under the namespace:

  • Right click on the “namespace” arrrow create folder
  • Folder namearrrow filterarrrow next
  • Select the required objects (filter) and click on finish

Embedded filter:

  • If a filter is created at query subject level than it is called an embedded filter
  • The scope of this filter is for the particular query subject

Procedure to create embedded filter:

Select the query subject country_mnultilingual --> rightclickarrrow select edit definitionarrrow select filter tabarrrow click on addarrrow filter  name  language_enarrrowexpression definition = ’EN’arrrowokarrrow select test tabarrrow click test sample arrrow ok For indepth understanding Cognos Training click on
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