Understanding JBoss /bin directory

24 September, 2020


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Understanding JBoss /bin directory

bin Directory README-service.txt     run.conf                run.conf.bat           wsconsume.bat     run.jar                        wsprovide.bat     service.bat    jbosssvc.exe           shutdown.bat           wsrunclient.bat       shutdown.jar  probe.bat                  wstools.bat               twiddle.bat    run.bat                 twiddle.jar

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JBoss AS ${jboss.home.dir}/bin directory contains startup/shutdown scripts, bootstrap libraries, Web Services, and server management utilities:

  • A tool to determine JBoss classpaths (both client and server)
  • and JBoss system control scripts for RedHat and SuSE systems
  • and probe.bat: used for discovering JBoss AS clusters.
  • and run.bat: Scripts for starting JBoss AS
  • run.jar: Bootstrap code for starting JBoss AS
  • service.bat: Script to manage JBoss as a Windows service.
  • and shutdown.bat: Scripts for shutting down JBoss AS (including remote instances)
  • shutdown.jar: Bootstrap code for shutting down JBoss AS
  • and twiddle.bat: Scripts for running JBoss AS command-line management client (based on JMX)
  • twiddle.jar: Bootstrap code for the JMX management (instrumentation) client
  • wsconsume, wsprovide, wsrunclient and wstools are utilities for Web Services.

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