JBoss client Directory

This directory contains the Java libraries (JARs) required for clients that run outside the JBoss AS containers, such as:

Web Service clients

EJB clients

JMX clients

Used by external applications that need to access JNDI resources

On Unix, to get the client CLASSPATH, run: ${jboss.home.dir}/bin/classpath.sh -c

As of JBoss 5, the file client/jbossall-client.jar contains references to other JARs via Class-Path setting in its META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. This makes it possible for external JBoss clients to just reference this one JAR file as opposed to many of them.

JBoss Application Server Directory Structure

JBossORG-EULA.txt       copyright.txt           lib/

bin/                   docs/                  readme.html

client/                 jar-versions.xml       server/

common/                 lgpl.html

Root dir known as jboss.home.dir or $JBOSS_HOME

Understanding the layout is important to

    1. Locating libraries
    2. Updating configuration
    3. Deploying apps and services

When JBoss Server is installed (uncompressed), the following directories are created:

  1. ${jboss.home.dir}/bin
  2. ${jboss.home.dir}/client
  3. ${jboss.home.dir}/common
  4. ${jboss.home.dir}/docs
  5. ${jboss.home.dir}/lib
  6. ${jboss.home.dir}/server

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