JBoss Client Directory

This directory contains the Java libraries (JARs) required for clients that run outside the JBoss AS containers, such as Web Service clients EJB clients JMX clients Used by external applications that need to access JNDI resources On Unix, to get the client CLASSPATH, run: ${jboss.home.dir}/bin/classpath.sh -c As of JBoss 5, the file client/jbossall-client.jar contains references to other JARs via Class-Path setting in its META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. This makes it possible for external JBoss clients to just reference this one JAR file as opposed to many of them. JBoss Application Server Directory Structure JBossORG-EULA.txt       copyright.txt           lib/ bin/                   docs/                  readme.html client/                 jar-versions.xml       server/ common/                 lgpl.html Root dir known as JBoss.home.dir or $JBOSS_HOME

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Understanding the layout is important to

  1. Locating libraries
  2. Updating configuration
  3. Deploying apps and services

When JBoss Server is installed (uncompressed), the following directories are created:

  1. ${jboss.home.dir}/bin
  2. ${jboss.home.dir}/client
  3. ${jboss.home.dir}/common
  4. ${jboss.home.dir}/docs
  5. ${jboss.home.dir}/lib
  6. ${jboss.home.dir}/server

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