Steps to create variable in Business Rules in Hyperion plannings

28 September, 2020


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Steps to Use a Global variable in an Existing Business Rules

  • Open EAS Console and then Open the Business Rule
  • Expand the repository View
  • Expand the Rules
  • Double Click on the Business rule on which you want to Edit (for example Data Copy Business Rule)
  • Click on the select source and then click on Year Dimension, Click on member selection then click on the Global variable tab.

Then Select the Variable that you have already created.

  • Similarly, click on Destination

Click on Year dimension, Click on the icon to select members then remove the selection which you’ve made already

  • Click on Global Variables, Choose your Variable Click on à

Click OK, Click on save, Click on Validate

You should complete without any Errors.

  • Now Open the planning application from Workspace, Click on the Tools tab, Click on Business Rules their you must see the Business Rule that you’ve created in EAS
  • Click on the launch, Runtime prompt will appear, make the member selections
  • Click on a launch to execute this Business rule

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User Variables

User variables make the Data forms more flexible to use among many user groups, Departments…..


  • Open the Planning application
  • Click on Administration
  • Click on Manage user variables
  • Click on Add
  • Select the Dimension on which you want to create a variable then provide the variable name
  • Click on OK
  • Now open any Data form in Edit mode
  • There you click on member selection Icon for the Dimension on which you have created a variable
  • There you remove the Hard coding selection from RHS and then select the user variable which appears under the substitution variable and clicks on Right arrow à
  • Click on Submit, Save, OK

Now, as a part of user Trainee before UTA, we have to give instructions to the End User tab perform the following procedure when he login to the Application first time.

  • Click on File
  • Click on Preferences
  • Click on Planning
  • Click on User Variable options tab
  • There you must see the user variables that you have been created
  • Click on icon to select the required member
  • Make a member selection, Click on submit
  • Click on OK

Now the Data form will be opened according to the user variable selections he made using the above procedure.

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