Hyperion Planning Interview Questions & Answers

In a Planning application it is possible to select several currencies per entity member?


When creating a multi-currency application, which dimensions are automatically created in Essbase?



When you convert currencies in a webform, converted values are?


It is possible to select the application’s default currency as a triangulation currency?


Exchange rates are set up from?

The Planning Desktop

If you change an exchange rate, you must?

Refresh the application selecting the option “Currency Conversion Calc Script” and run the HspCRtb or HspCRtt script

If you add a new reporting currency, scenario or version to your application, you must?

Refresh the application selecting the option “Currency Conversion Calc Script” and run the HspCRtb or HspCRtt script

How many currencies can you select per Entity member?


The HSP_RATES Dimension includes the following members?



HSP_Rate_XXX (where XXX is a currency, i.e USD)

What exchange rate types are available in for the Accounts Dimension?

- None




What are the 5 options in the Currency Calculation Script section on the Planning Desktop?

Calc Script Name

-Version Type




What are the 2 copy calc scripts called?



The copy calc scripts copy exchange rates from top level dimension members to Level0 members?


From which dimensions can you import members using the HAL Planning Adapter?



-Custom Dimensions


What must be done before loading custom dimension members using HAL?

Create the user defined custom dimension in Planning Web

What Hyperion tools can be used to load data?

HAL Essbase adapter


Essbase Application Manager (for versions prior to 4.x)

When creating a single currency application, which dimensions are automatically created?





Time Periods



Which 2 statements are correct?

Target versions let you enter data for members at any level in the hierarchy

Bottom-Up versions only allow for data entry at Level-0

Which statement is correct?

Bottom-Up versions only can be enabled for Process Management (Workflow)

Which statement is correct about copying versions?

You can copy account annotations as well as supporting details

Which statements are correct about user-defined custom dimensions?

You assign valid plan types at dimension level only and not at member level

You can create up to 13 user-defined custom dimensions

The name for a user-defined custom dimension can be up to 80 characters

It is possible to change the starting year or month after an application has been created?


Weekly distribution options (4-4-5, 4-5-4, 5-4-4) are only available with monthly time periods, not for custom or quarterly time periods?


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Which 2 statements are correct about Plan Types?

A plan type name can be up to 8 characters

When adding a new account member, you must change the source plan type

If the base time period selected is 12 months, how is the default calendar set up?

Months rolling into four quarter parents, and quarters rolling into a total year parent

To which application elements can access rights for users and groups be assigned?

Scenario dimension members

Version dimension members

Account dimension members

Entity dimension members

User-defined custom dimension members

Data entry forms

Business Rules

What is Essbase limit for security filters?

64 KB

What must be done after creating or updating user and / or group security?

Refresh the application including the security from the Planning Desktop

You can specify several application owners per application?


Interactive users can:?

Enable e-mail notification for themselves

Create and maintain web-based data entry forms

Create and launch business rules

Create and launch adapter processes via HAL

Submit info and data for approval

Planners can:?

Enable e-mail notification for themselves

Input, submit and view data

Use any data access tools for which they are licensed (such as Reports and Analyzer)

Submit info and data for approval

Use reports that have been built by others

Execute business rules

Use the Planning spreadsheet add-in

When you add a user in Hyperion Planning web, how many users are automatically created in Essbase?

2: the named user and the underscore user

Planning users who wish to change their passwords can do so:?

From the External Authentication Provider

If a user is assigned to a group and the access rights on the individual user conflict with those of the group:?

User access rights will take precedence over group access

If a user belongs to several groups that have conflicting access rights to a member, then:?

None takes precedence over Write and Read access

Write takes precedence over Read access

Rights assigned directly to a member override rights derived from a member relationship (e.g Idescendants):?


What step must be taken in order to assign access to user-defined custom dimension members?

The application must be refreshed

Give 5 aggregation options:?








Dynamic Calc should not be used for base level members for which users enter data since data values are not saved for Dynamic Calc members


Which statements are true about using Dynamic Calc and Store?

The data value is calculated and stored upon retrieval

Using Dynamic Calc and Store increase retrieval and calculation times

Dynamic Calc and Store should be used when calculating members of a dense dimension

How many aliases can be assigned per dimension member in Planning?


In order to be visible in Planning web, Alias tables should be created in:?


Which are correct account types from the list below?

Expense, Revenue, Asset, Liability, Equity, Saved Assumption

Target versions allow for data entry in both parent and bottom level members?


Attributes can be assigned to:?

Sparse dimensions only

For which dimensions are shared members available?


User-Defined dimensions


Which statement is true?

Security can be assigned to shared members but not to custom attributes

Supporting Details can be added to both bottom-up and target versions?


When you type in a value into a bottom level time period, the totals for summary time periods are updated immediately?


In Planning web, when you press the refresh button:?

The form is refreshed with the last saved values – Any values that have not been saved are discarded

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