Steps to manage the work flow in Hyperion Plannings

28 September, 2020


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Workflow is a feature that comes up with, Hyperion planning which will enable the end-users application owner to control the budgeting process by planning unit.

A planning unit is a combination of Scenario, Version, and Entity dimension members.

The workflow will facilitate the transport communication between the end-users and application owners regarding the budget approval mechanism.

Steps to manage the workflow:-

  • Login to Hyperion Workspace as an Application owner
  • Open the planning application
  • Click on File, Click on Workflow and then manage the process
  • Then it will display all Scenario and Version dimension members.

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Select the one from both the dimensions. Click on go. Then it will display all available entity members and by default the process status as shown as not started.

  • To start a planning unit for any entity member to enable the radio button under plan start then it should display a message saying the planning unit has been started.
  • And the process status will be changed to pass.

To take further action, click on details under the Action. Then click on change status. Then it will pop-up a small window there click on the promotion under select action and choose an appropriate use as a next owner then write any message to the user under annotation and click on submit.

  • Now the user will receive a notification e-mail about the planning unit which has been promoted to him by the Application owner.
  • Now users login to the Workspace enter budget data using Data forms and open the workflow and re-promote the planning unit back to the application owner for his approval.
  • Now application owner reviews the data and he can either approve or reject the planning unit.
  • Once approval is done, he can change the status to sign-off.

Note:- The difference between approving and sign-off

  • If the planning unit is the bat-approved state then either the technical administrator or application owner can change the status of the planning unit ( For example to Reject state).
  • If the planning unit is at sign-off state only the application owner can change the status of the planning unit.

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