Steps to create a database source

  Open Hyperion workspace at port 19000

  • Click on the navigate symbol
  • Click on administration - - > classic application administration - - >planning administration
  • Click on manage data source
  • Click on create a data source
  • Provide an appropriate data source name
  • Click on next
  • Select your type of RDMS server ( My SQL server)
  • Provide RDBMS server hostname or IP address
  • Provide your database name that is just you have created
  • Login details to the database server(admin, password)
  • Provide your Essbase server hostname and IP address
  • Login details to Essbase server( admin, password)
  • Click on test connection to verify connectivity of RDBMS and Esssbase
  • Wait till you see the succeeded massage
  • Click on finish

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Steps to create a shared services application group:

Open the shared services using the following URL http://Sharedservicesservername:28080/interop

  • Provide the administrator login details
  • Click on login (admin, password)
  • Expand the properties
  • Right-click on Projects  - - > Click on new
  • Provide an appropriate project name
  • Click on Finish, Click on OK


The planning administrator (admin) who creates the planning application should have an appropriate role in shared services at the following location. Hyperion shared services (project name)  - - > Global roles  - - > Application creator  - - > Planning Application - - > Exit from shared services

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