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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server based scalable and extensible platform for authoring, deploying, executing and managing reports based on a variety of data sources.

SQL server reporting services(SSRS) means a reporting software which permits us to produce formatted reports with tables within the form of graphs, data, charts and images. We can host these reports on a server which can be executed any time by using the user-defined parameters.

We require a visual studio, BIDS or SSRS report builder to learn SSRS reporting or to develop SSRS charts. You do not need to be an expert, but you should know some basics of SQL to understand SSRS more clearly. 

How SSRS works:

How SSRS Works

  1. Users of the reports are the people who work with the data at the same time they want few insights from data. They transfer a request to the SSRS server.
  2. SSRS server affirms the metadata of that report and sends a request for data to the data sources.
  3. Data which is retired from the data source is combined with the report definition within a report.
  4. When a report is created, then it is returned to the client.

Reporting Life Cycle:

Reporting Life Cycle


Report authors determine the layout, including the source of the data. The syntax in which the report is determined is identified as report definition language. Some are the tools utilized for authoring are report builder and so on.


Management is the second phase within Reporting lifecycle. It involves managing the published reports which are public, and at present, they are available in the web services. The reports which are currently available at the web interface, you need to create the role-based security models.  


In this phase, you require to learn while the reports require to be delivered to the customer base. Delivery can be on-demand or else pre-defined schedule. You can likewise add an automation feature of subscription which generates reports also transfers to the customer automatically.

Configuring SSRS Report Server

Click on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Program Folder from the Start Menu.


Click on the connect button.


Click on Service Account option in the Left pane, here you have the option for choosing a built-in account or windows domain user account to use the Report Server Service.


Click on the Web Service URL option – this URL will be used to host and access the report server. Give the report server a name in the Virtual Directory option. Then, click on the apply option and your URL will be converted into a hyperlink, as shown below.

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The option Database, is for the Report server database. It is used for Meta data of reports. Click Change Database button on right pane and another window will open. You may opt for either an existing database or create a new database, then click on next.


Now, enter the database server name which you want to connect to, and then click on next button.


Now, you have to enter a name for the Report Server Database that will be used for storing Meta Data for the Report Server. After selecting the appropriate options that you need, click on the Next button. The Report database will be created.



You may check your Report server database in the SQL Server IDE, as shown below.


Now, you are almost done with all the needed basics for starting to your SSRS sever.

You can now access your SSRS Report server using the URL “http://localhost/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx”. The following page will be displayed in your browser:


Disadvantages of SSRS:

  • It isn't easy to make modifications in the debug expression and custom code.
  • SSRS does not give any methods to transfer values from sub-report to the main report.
  • Extra spaces are created by the page header on every new page.


We have discussed basics like how it works and disadvantages, but if you want to get a complete idea please do enrol to the course.

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