Patch Management in VMware

30 September, 2020


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Patch Management in VMware

Select Vsphere Update Manager to install plugin. Capture.1258 Select the Language, click on Next Capture.1259 Click on Next. Capture.1260 Click on Next. Capture.1261 Check the option I accept the terms in the license agreement, click on Next Capture.1262 Click on Next. Capture.1263 Give vCenter credentials. Capture.1264 Click on Next.

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Capture.1265 Go ahead with default, Click on Next. Capture.1266 Click on Next. Capture.1267 Click on Next. Capture.1268 Capture.1269 Click on Finish. Capture.1270 Provide the credentials, click on Login. Capture.12671 Installation of the client-side plug-in. Go to the Plugins tab, select the VMware vSphere Update Manager , click on Download. Capture.1271 Click on Run. Capture.1272 Select the Language, Click on Next. Capture.1273 Capture.1274 Click on Next. Capture.1275 Select the option I accept the terms in the license agreement, click on Next. Capture.1279 Click on Install. Capture.1281 Capture.1280 Click on Finish. Capture.1282 Here is we Can Observe at vCenter vSphere Update Manager is Enabled. Capture.1283 Create a New Virtual Machine with ESXi 4.1:- Right Click on Esxi Host, select the New Virtual Machine option. Capture.1284 Select the option Custom, Click on Next. Capture.1285 Provide the Name to Virtual Machine , click on Next. Capture.1286 Select the Datastore, Click on Next. Capture.1287 Select the hardware version , Click on Next. Capture.1288 Select the option Other 64 bit and Click on Next. Capture.1289 Select the no Socket & cores, Click on Next. Capture.1290 Select the ram, Click on Next. Capture.1291 Select the No of Nics & types, Click on Next. Capture.1292 Select the Controller Type and Click on Next. Capture.1293 Select the option Create a new virtual disk, click on Next. Capture.1294 Select the disk Size, Provisioning, Location, Click on Next. Capture.1295 Select the virtual device node, click on Next. Capture.1296 Click on Continue. Capture.1297 Select the option CD/DVD. Select the option Datastore ISO File, browse the iso image, and Click on Finish. Capture.1299

Select the Local Storage 3, click on open. Capture.1300 Select the VMware iso folder, click on Open. Capture.1301 Select the Esxi iso image and click on Ok. Capture.1302 Click on Finish. Capture.1303 Select the Virtual Machine and Power option, Click on Power on. Capture.1304 Right, Click on VM, Click on Open Console. Capture.1305 Click on Enter. Capture.1306 Select the Hard disk, Click on Enter. Capture.1307 Click on F11. Capture.1308 Capture.1309 Click on Enter. Capture.1310 Capture.1311 Click on F2 to Customize. Capture.1312 Enter the password and click on Enter. Capture.1313 Select the option Configure Management Network, Click on enter. Capture.1314 Select the option IP Configuration, Click on Enter. Capture.1315 Provide the Static IP address, click on enter. Capture.1316 Enter the DNS and HostName, Click on Enter. Capture.1317 Select the option Custom DNS Suffixes, Click on Enter. Capture.1318 Enter Suffixes as Capture.1319 Click Y. Capture.1320 Select the option Restart Management Network, Click on Enter. Capture.1321 Click on F11. Capture.1322 Enter the IP address and click on Enter. Capture.1323 Capture.1324 Add this VM as a Host in vCenter. Click on Host and Go to Update Manager tab , Click on Admin View. Capture.1325 Follow Below Five Steps. Capture.1326 Click on Browse. Capture.1327 Select the ESXi 5.1 ISO Image, click on Open. Capture.1328 Click on Next. Capture.1329 Click on Next. Capture.1330 Provide the Name to Baseline, Click on Finish. Capture.1331 Click on Compliance View. Capture.1332 Click on Attach. Capture.1333 Select the Image and click on Attach. Capture.1334 Click on Scan, Select the option Upgrades, Click on Scan. Capture.1335 Click on Remediate. Capture.1336 Click on Next. Capture.1337 Check the option I accept the terms and license agreement, Click on Next. Capture.1338 Click on Next. Capture.1339 Provide the task name , Click on Next . Capture.1340 Click on Next. Capture.1341 Click on Finish. Capture.1342 Here we can observe the process started. Capture.1343 Here we can observe ESXi 5.1 is installing. Capture.1344 Click on Enter to Continue. Capture.1345 Capture.1346

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