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Course Overview

This EMC SAN training is specifically designed to help you prepare for EMC Storage Administration. The course offers detailed knowledge on every advanced concept, feature as well as management tools of EMC storage area network. It also provides an in-depth understanding of configuring EMC Vnx, CLARiiON and Symmetrix Storage, Brocade and Cisco SAN Switches, and more.


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30 Hrs Instructor Led Training
Key Highlights tekslate courses
Self-paced Videos
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20 Hrs Project & Exercises
Key Highlights tekslate courses
Key Highlights tekslate courses
Job Assistance
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EMC SAN Storage Course Curriculum

Storage Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Information Storage
  • Data Center Environment
  • Intelligent Storage Systems & Components Of Storage System
  • Raid Concepts
  • Storage Protocols And Topologies
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Difference Between SAN & NAS, FC SAN & Ip SAN Technologies
  • Introduction To Fiber Channel And How It Works In SAN
  • FC Layers & Fabric Port Types and Fiber Connectors
  • Cables & FC Well-Known Addresses, FC Topologies & Terminology
  • Architecture of a Storage Subsystem and Storage Management Softwares
  • Multipathing Softwares, Storage Virtualization and Storage Tiering
  • Introduction To Business Continuity Management
  • Backup And Archive
  • Local Replication And Remote Replication
  • Cloud Computing
  • Securing And Managing Storage Infrastructure
  • Introduction To Brocade And Cisco Switches And Various Models
  • Installation Of New Switches
  • Overview Of Fabric Topologies
  • Overview Of Fabric Components, Switch Firmware Upgrade
  • User Account Management, Fabric-Wide Settings & Local Switch Settings
  • Zoning & Types Of Zoning (Port Zoning And WWN Zoning) Along With Practical Explanation
  • Using Cli And Web Tools Gui
  • Using Dcfm
  • Generating Reports
  • Monitoring Switch Logs
  • Inter Switch Linking (Isl) And Trunking
  • Inter Chassis Linking (Icl)
  • Merging Fabrics Along With Practical Explanation
  • Multipathing Software Overview – Powerpath Explanation With Commands
  • Access Gateway Mode, N-Port Id Virtualization – Npiv
  • Introduction To Emc Clariion Cx Series Architecture
  • Clariion Features, Clariion Management Utilities (Navisphere Manager, Navicli)
  • Clariion Storage Provisioning
  • Traditional (Raid Groups) And Thin (Thin Pools) Provisioning
  • Solaris And Windows Integration
  • Access Logix
  • Powerpath
  • Snapview Snapshots
  • Snapview Clones
  • Mirrorview Configuration & Management
  • Sancopy Configuration & Management
  • Advanced Lun Management
  • Lun Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Event Monitor
  • Navisphere Analyzer
  • Introduction To Unified Storage & Vnx
  • Vnx Management Utilities (Unisphere & Cli Environment)
  • Basic Architecture Of Vnx And Vnxe Series
  • Vnx Models And Features
  • Vnx Basic Components
  • Vnx Modular Architecture
  • Dae And Drive Options For Vnx Series
  • Vnx Features and Vnx Software And Their Components
  • Vnx Storage Provisioning and Thin Provisioning In Vnx
  • Emc Symmetrix (Dmx And Vmax) and Introduction To Symmetrix Dmx And Vmax Series
  • Dmx And Vmax Storage Architecture
  • Differences Between Dmx And Vmax Storage Systems
  • Dmx Director Pairing And Rule 17, Fa, Da & Cache Concepts
  • Symmetrix Mirror Positions and Symmetrix Device Attributes
  • Dynamic Lun Addressing, Symmetrix Management Software
  • Symmetrix Solutions Enabler (Symcli) and Symmetrix Management Console (Smc)
  • Emc Control Center (Ecc), Configuration Manager and Symmetrix Storage Provisioning
  • Symmetrix Device Creation/Deletion, Forming & Dissolving Meta Devices
  • Mapping & Unmapping, Masking, Unmasking and Symmetrix Thin Provisioning
  • Monitoring Thin Pools and Vmax Auto Provisioning Groups
  • Vmax Fully Automated Storage Tiering (Fast & Fast Vp)
  • Virtual Lun Migration, Timefinder Configuration And Management and Mirror/Bcv, Clone
  • Snap, Srdf Overview And Concepts
  • Srdf Configuration And Management and Srdf Synchronous Operations
  • R1/R2 Device Pairs Creations Using Configuration Manager
  • Dynamic Srdf Pairing
  • Introduction To Netapp Fas 30xx
  • 60xx Filers
  • Netapp Data Ontap Administration Basics
  • Difference Between Operation Of EMC Storage And Other Storage
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Hands-on Projects

EMC San Storage Projects
Practical oriented projects and use-cases will help you experience how the skills learned will solve real-time problems.
At least two projects.
Assisted lab setup to practice skills.

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EMC SAN Storage Training Objectives

The objective of this online EMC SAN Storage course is to help you get an overview of EMC storage area network architecture along with its key features. The course allows you to learn a variety of transmission protocols that are being used for data transmissions and data storage.

The demand for EMC SAN Storage Administrators is rising quickly in the industry. Also, people working at this position are also gaining a higher CTC in comparison to other positions in the industry. On an average, being a certified EMC SAN Storage administrator, you can earn $108,427.

This EMC SAN Storage certification course can be taken up by researchers and EMC SAN engineers. Along with this, aspirants who are looking forward to making a career in this field can also enroll in the course. And then, professionals who wish to learn advanced concepts of networks and storage can also go with the course.

Although there are no prerequisites to learn this course, if you have knowledge of the basics of storage area networks, it will be an added advantage for you.

In this EMC SAN Storage online training, you get to learn a variety of topics, such as: 

  • Data Center Environment
  • Installation Of New Switches
  • Clariion Features, Clariion Management Utilities (Navisphere Manager, Navicli)
  • Vnx Management Utilities (Unisphere & Cli Environment)
  • 60xx Filers

And much more!

By enrolling in this EMC SAN Storage training, you can become:  

  • EMC SAN Storage Administrator
  • EMC SAN Storage Software Senior Engineer
  • EMC SAN Storage Service Delivery Senior Engineer
  • EMC SAN Storage Integration Senior Analyst
  • EMC SAN Storage Software Principal Engineer

EMC SAN Storage Training Reviews

I enrolled for EMC SAN Storage course at Tekslate, completed the course last month. The trainer has a very good subject knowledge with real-time experience and clarifies every doubt with so much patience.





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Earn a TekSlate EMC SAN Storage Certification

Upon completion of the training you’ll be provided a course completion certificate which adds weightage to your resume and increases your chances of getting hired.


  • Certification Assistance
  • Certification Sample Questions
  • course completion certificate

    EMC SAN Storage Course Online FAQ's

    The EMC offers solutions for Storage Area Network (SAN) as well as Network Attached Storage (NAS) environments. The EMC storage arrays exploit the complete potential of the fiber channel by implementing a fiber channel disk interface and using a full 100MB/s bandwidth to the disk drives.

    EMC SAN Storage offers highly reliable, scalable block-level storage solutions that can be accessed by a variety of hosts. By learning everything about this provider, you can increase storage use rates to save the storage cost. Additionally, you also get to access a gamut of reliability and security features to ensure that the critical data is always available and protected.

    EMC SAN Storage certification demonstrates you have acquired the necessary abilities and information about EMC SAN Storage. During your employee screening, exhibit this certificate to your possible interviewers, showing them that you can work in an expert setting.

    It is incredibly simple and clear to become certified for EMC SAN Storage. You must first get enrolled into an EMC SAN Storage course. It may very well be done through TekSlate. Thereafter, you will step through the exam which ought to be passed effectively to get the certificate. Experts from our team can help you all through the whole cycle.

    The cost for EMC SAN Storage certification is $115.

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