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Oracle Performance Tuning Course Overview

Tekslate provides the best Oracle Performance Tuning training by highly experienced and certified trainers who will help you to gain in-depth knowledge on Performance Tuning concepts through practical executions. It will enable you to learn performance analysis and tuning tasks that are expected of a DBA on Oracle Database Cloud Service. You will also get an opportunity to work on two real-time projects during this training which will help you in clearing Oracle performance Tuning Certification.
Course Duration 30 hrs
Live Projects 2
Next Batch 23 October, 2021

Oracle Performance Tuning Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Performance Tuning

  • Introduction to Performance Tuning Features and Tools

  • Oracle Methodology

  • Understanding Investment Options

  • Understanding Scalability

  • System Architecture

  • Application Design Principles

  • Workload Testing, Modeling, and Implementation

  • Deploying New Applications

  • The Oracle Performance Improvement Method

  • Emergency Performance Methods

  • Performance Considerations for Initial Instance Configuration

  • Creating and Maintaining Tables for Good Performance

  • Performance Considerations for Shared Servers

  • Overview of Data Gathering

  • Automatic Workload Repository

  • Introduction to Database Diagnostic Monitoring

  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

  • Understanding Memory Allocation Issues

  • Configuring and Using the Buffer Cache

  • Configuring and Using the Shared Pool and Large Pool

  • Configuring and Using the Redo Log Buffer

  • PGA Memory Management

  • Understanding I/O

  • Basic I/O Configuration

  • Understanding Operating System Performance Issues

  • Solving Operating System Problems

  • Finding System CPU Utilization

  • Instance Tuning Steps

  • Interpreting Oracle Statistics

  • Wait Events Statistics

  • Idle Wait Events

  • Understanding Connection Models

  • Detecting Network Problems

  • Solving Network Problems

  • Introduction to SQL Tuning

  • Goals for Tuning

  • Identifying High-Load SQL

  • Automatic SQL Tuning Features

  • Developing Efficient SQL Statements

  • Automatic SQL Tuning Overview

  • SQL Tuning Advisor

  • Managing SQL Profiles with APIs

  • SQL Tuning Sets

  • SQL Tuning Information Views

  • Optimizer Operations

  • Choosing an Optimizer Goal

  • Enabling and Controlling Query Optimizer Features

  • Understanding the Query Optimizer

  • Understanding Access Paths for the Query Optimizer

  • Understanding Joins

  • Understanding Statistics

  • Automatic Statistics Gathering

  • Manual Statistics Gathering

  • System Statistics

  • Managing Statistics

  • Viewing Statistics

  • Understanding Index Performance

  • Using Function-based Indexes for Performance

  • Using Partitioned Indexes for Performance

  • Using Index-Organized Tables for Performance

  • Using Bitmap Indexes for Performance

  • Using Bitmap Join Indexes for Performance

  • Using Domain Indexes for Performance

  • Using Clusters for Performance

  • Using Hash Clusters for Performance

  • Understanding Optimizer Hints

  • Using Optimizer Hints

  • Using Plan Stability to Preserve Execution Plans

  • Using Plan Stability with Query Optimizer Upgrades

  • Understanding EXPLAIN PLAN

  • The PLAN_TABLE Output Table

  • Displaying PLAN_TABLE Output

  • Reading EXPLAIN PLAN Output

  • Viewing Parallel Execution with EXPLAIN PLAN

  • Viewing Bitmap Indexes with EXPLAIN PLAN

  • Viewing Partitioned Objects with EXPLAIN PLAN

  • End to End Application Tracing

  • Using the traces Utility

  • Understanding SQL Trace and TKPROF

  • Using the SQL Trace Facility and TKPROF

  • Avoiding Pitfalls in TKPROF Interpretation

  • Sample TKPROF Output

For Individuals
For Corporates

Oracle Performance Tuning Upcoming Batches

  • Weekend

    23 Oct - 22 Nov

    7:00 PM IST
  • Weekday

    25 Oct - 24 Nov

    7:00 AM IST
  • Weekend

    30 Oct - 29 Nov

    7:00 PM IST
  • Weekday

    1 Nov - 01 Dec

    7:00 AM IST
  • Weekend

    6 Nov - 06 Dec

    7:00 PM IST
  • Weekday

    8 Nov - 08 Dec

    7:00 AM IST
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    Oracle Performance Tuning Course Objectives

    By the end of Oracle Performance Tuning training at Tekslate, you will be able to

    • Work with Oracle Database Tuning Methodology.

    • Diagnose and tune SQL related performance problems.

    • Work with database advisors to proactively tune an Oracle database instance.

    • Identify and tune common instance-related performance issues.

    • Use Automatic Workload Repository for tuning database.

    • Operate and manage Query optimizer features.

    • Oracle Performance Tuning DBA professionals are earning high salaries compared to professionals working on other technologies.

    • The average salary of Oracle Performance tuning professional is $73,626 USD per year.

    • Due to high demand for Oracle Performance Tuning, there are numerous job opportunities available for Oracle Performance Tuning DBA professionals around the world.

    The following job roles will get benefited by taking up Oracle Performance Tuning:

    • Oracle database administrators and developers

    • Aspirants who are aiming for a career in Oracle Performance Tuning

    • Technical consultant

    • Support engineer

    • Database architects

    • Professionals who want to extend their skill-set with advanced technologies.


    There are no specific prerequisites to learn Oracle Performance Tuning. Anyone who are interested in learning Oracle Performance Tuning can join this training.


    We will offer two real-time industry-based projects with a skilled trainer who can help you with providing in-depth knowledge throughout the project.

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    Oracle Performance Tuning Course FAQ's

    Have questions? We’ve got the answers. Get the details on how you can grow in this course.

    We have a strong team of professions who are experts in their fields. Our trainers are highly supportive and render a friendly working environment to the students positively stimulating their growth. 

    We will share you the missed session from our recordings. We at Tekslate maintains a recorded copy of each live course you undergo.

    Our Trainers will provide the student with the Server Access ensuring practical real-time experience and training with all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

    We provide all the training sessions LIVE using either GoToMeeting or WebEx, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

    Live training uncovers distinct benefits as they are mighty to reach your desired audience converting your prospects into customers in less time. Pre-recorded videos offer plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs to educate entertain and inspire your audience as long as you want.

    Yes. We provide the course materials available after course completion.

    There exist some discounts for weekend batches and group participants if the joiners are more than 2.

    If you are enrolled in classes and have paid fees but want to cancel the registration for any reason, we will attain you in 48 hours will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

    You can contact our Tekslate support team, or you can send an email to for your queries.

    Have More Questions. Reach our Support Team

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