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Tekslate online training provides real-time, and placement oriented Oracle ODI training. We offer the best Oracle ODI training courses online with content designed from basics to advanced levels. Our teams of Oracle ODI experts are professionals with hands-on real-time Oracle ODI projects knowledge that will provide students with an edge over other Training Institutes. Tekslate provides both weekday and weekend training classes and fast-track training sessions for Oracle ODI online.

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A complete index of
job-ready skills curated
to meet the industrial need.

Topology Concepts

  • Overview of the Topology

  • What Is the Topology?

  • Data Servers and Physical Schemas

  • What Is a Data Server?

  • What Is a Physical Schema?

  • Properties of Physical Schemas

  • The Physical Architecture in Oracle Data Integrator

  • Connecting to Your Data

  • What Is the Topology?

  • What Topology Manager Contains

  • The Physical Architecture View

  • Data Servers and Physical Schemas

  • Prerequisites for Connecting to a Server

  • Creating a Data Server

  • What Is a Project?

  • Overview of Oracle Data Integrator Projects

  • What Does a Project Represent?

  • Creating a New Project

  • What Is a Folder?

  • What Is a Knowledge Module?

  • Exporting and Importing

What Is a Model?

  • The Relational Paradigm

  • Relational Model Support in Oracle Data Integrator

  • Additional Metadata in Oracle Data Integrator

  • What Is Reverse-Engineering?

  • Methods for DBMS Reverse-Engineering

  • Standard Versus Customized Reverse-Engineering

  • Creating and Reverse-Engineering Models

  • What Is a Model?

  • What Is Reverse-Engineering?

  • Methods for DBMS Reverse-Engineering

  • How to Create a Model by Reverse-Engineering

  • How to Start the Reverse-Engineering Process

  • Selective Reverse-Engineering

  • Fleshing Out Data Models

  • What Is a Model Folder?

  • Creating a Model Folder

  • Organising Datastores into Sub-Models

  • Setting Up Automatic Distribution

  • Creating a Datastore in a Model

  • Adding Columns to a Datastore

  • Enforcing Data Quality with Oracle Data Integrator

  • Why Data Quality

  • When to Enforce Data Quality

  • Data Quality in the Source Applications

  • Data Quality Control in the Integration Process

  • Data Quality in the Target Applications

  • Overview of the Data Quality System

  • Exploring and Auditing Your Data

  • Exploring Your Data

  • Displaying the Contents of a Datastore

  • Viewing the Distribution of Values

  • Analysing the Contents of a Datastore

  • Defining Business Rules in Oracle Data Integrator

  • Deducing Constraints from Data Analysis

  • Auditing Data Quality

  • Interface Design: One-to-one Interfaces

  • Creating a One-to-One Interface

  • Creating and Naming a New Interface

  • Defining the Target Datastore

  • Defining the Source Datastore

  • Defining the Mappings

  • Valid Mapping Types

  • Saving the Interface

  • Interface Design 2

  • Multiple Sources & Joins

  • Multiple Source Datastores

  • Manually Creating a Join

  • Advanced Joins

  • Types of Joins & Setting Up a Join

  • Filters in Oracle Data Integrator

  • Defining a Filter Manually

  • Executing and Debugging Interfaces

  • How to Execute an Interface

  • What Happens at Run Time

  • Monitoring Interfaces

  • Operator: Viewing the Log

  • Sessions, Steps, Tasks: The Hierarchy

  • Viewing Sessions and Tasks

  • How to Monitor Execution of an Interface

  • Troubleshooting a Session

  • Interface Design

  • Essential Concepts in Data Quality

  • Defining and Enforcing Data Quality

  • Overview of the Data Quality System

  • Properties of Data Quality Control

  • Static/Flow Control Differences

  • How to Enforce Data Quality for an Interface

  • Differences Between Control Types

  • What Is a Procedure? & Procedure Examples
  • Using Procedures: Overview

  • How to Create a New Procedure

  • Creating a New Command

  • Arranging Steps in Order

  • Which Parameters Should be Set?

  • Valid Types of Commands

  • Types of Options

  • Variables and Sequences

  • Variable Scope

  • Value Persistence: Action Types

  • Refreshing a Variable with SQL

  • Binding Versus Substitution

  • How to Create a Variable Step

  • Properties of Sequences

  • Using Oracle Data Integrator Sequences in Mappings

  • What Is a User Function?

  • Creating User Functions

  • Properties of User Functions

  • How to Create a User Function

  • Defining an Implementation

  • Syntax and Implementations

  • Using User Functions

  • User Functions at Design Time & Run Time

  • What Is a Package?

  • How to Create a Package

  • Package Diagram Toolbar

  • How to Create an Interface Step

  • How to Create an Oracle Data Integrator Tool Step

  • A Simple Package

  • How to Sequence Package Steps

  • Executing a Package

  • Types of Package Steps

  • Basic & Advanced Step Types

  • How to Create a Procedure Step

  • Model, Sub-Model and Datastore Steps

  • Models, Sub-Models, and Datastore Steps

  • How to Create a Variable Step

  • Controlling the Execution Path

  • Controlling Execution

  • Releasing Projects

  • Properties of Scenarios

  • Managing Scenarios

  • Generating a Scenario

  • Generation Versus Regeneration

  • Executing a Scenario from the GUI

  • Implementing a Scenario from a Project

  • Preparing Scenarios for Deployment

We have made a tailored curriculum covering the latest industry-ready concepts to serve every individual’s learning desires.

Oracle ODI Training  Objectives

At the end of the course, the student is capable of:

  • Analyse ODI Model and its concepts

  • Explain the Oracle Data Integrator11g Architecture

  • Apply the concepts of ODI Topology for Data Integration

  • Explain the designing of ODI Interfaces, Packages, Procedures, and Load Plans to perform ELT data transformations

  • Explain the concepts of ODI to explore, enforce data quality, and audit data

  • Explain Administrator ODI resources and set up security

  • Explain how to implement Changed Data Capture in ODI

  • Describe how to use the ODI Web Integrations and Services with SOA performance

Oracle ODI helps the organisation to grow to provide provider-oriented architecture and commercial enterprise system automation technology, cloud answers and massive data. Oracle ODI allows the functioning of multiple target tables as a part of a single interface. There is a vast demand for Oracle ODI certified professionals all over the world. The average salary of a certified Oracle ODI professional is

There is an enormous demand for Oracle ODI certified professionals around the globe. The average salary of a certified Oracle ODI professional is $166, 436/year.

The following Oracle ODI Online Training is meant for the following.

  • SOA Architect

  • Data Warehouse Administrator

  • Database Administrators

  • Data Modelers

  • Business Analysts

  • Technical Consultant

  • Beginners

  • Architecture
  • Architecture Overview

  • What Is Oracle Data Integrator?

  • The Oracle Data Integrator Architecture

  • Components

  • Graphical Modules

  • Run-Time Components

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The training was provided using real-time examples taken on the field. The case studies are beneficial in the matter at hand. The trainer was very careful with our requirements and gave us exactly what we asked for, something that is seldom done.


Oracle ODI Training  FAQ'S

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  • Our trainers are well experienced professionals and certified in working with front-end development technologies.
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  • For practical execution, our trainer will provide server access to the student. 

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