Challenges of Microsoft:

  • Language Independency
  • Language Interoperability
  • Platform Independently
  • Device Independency
  • Security
  • A new Database Model without COM
  • Globalization

Solution from Microsoft: .Net


.NET (Network Extended Technology or Network Enabled Technology):

It is a platform or collection of many small technology integrated as a single large technology for developing powerful applications that can be used anywhere anytime.


Language Independency:

All the languages are equally powerful such that any language can be selected for developing any type of application.


Solution using .NET:

.NET Technology has been introduced with rich Base class Library (BCL) and common type system (CTS) using which language Independency is achieved.


Language Interoperability:

Whenever the code written in one language can be used from the application developed using other language then it is said to be Language Interoperability.


Solution Before .NET:




  • DLL Hell
  • Versioning


Solution using .NET:





The compiled source code of the .NET application developed using any language will be in the format of MSIL instructions and hence the code written in one language can be used from other language applications targeting .NET


Platform Independency:

Whenever an application developed for one platform (Ex: windows) if that application can be executed from other platforms like UNIX, LINUX, Mac, OS2 etc without any compilations, modifications then it is said to be supporting platform Independency.





.NET Technology is currently supported by windows and partially supported by Linux and other platforms doesn’t support .NET and hence .NET is a platform dependent technology.

Since .NET technology is supported by more than one platform it can be considered as partially independent.


Device Independency:

Whenever an application developed for one device if it can be executed from other devices without any modifications or re compilations then it is said to device independency.

Solution using .NET:

.NET technology has been introduced with mobile.NET technology using which device independent applications can be developed.



.NET technology also supports device application for device specific requirements.



Solution for .NET:

For desktop or standalone application:

  • Code access security
  • Role based security

For web applications:

  • Forms authentication
  • Windows authentication
  • Passport authentication


For Data:

  • Cryptography


* .NET technology also supports the security features similar to JVM of JAVA within CIR of .NET