Access Control in VMware

29 September, 2020


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Access Control

How to Restart Vpxa Agent? Click on the host, go to configuration, go to security Profile, click on Properties (services) Capture.971 Select Vpxa agent, click on the option, click on restart. Capture.972 Click on firewall Properties, check the option ssh client. Capture.974 Check the option Only allow connection from the following networks and enter the IP address, click on ok. Capture.975 Here we can observe the IP address of the machine. Capture.976 Open the Putty section and type the host IP address click on open. Capture.977 Capture.978 Here we can observe that we are able to log in through putty. Capture.979 How to enable lockdown mode? Click on Host, go to the configuration tab, select the security profile, select the option edit. Capture.980 Check the option enable lockdown mode, click on ok. Capture.981

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Capture.982 Capture.983 The access control system allows the vCenter Server administrator to define a user’s privileges to access objects in the inventory. Key concepts:

-Privilege – Defines an action that can be performed

-Role – A set of privileges

-Object – The target of the action

-User/group – Indicates who can perform the action

Altogether, a role, a user or group, and an object define permission How to Add Permission at Data Center Level? Right, Click on Datacenter, select the option Add permissions. Capture.984 Select the domain as KTS, select user and click on ok. Capture.985 Select the role to user, click on ok Capture.986 Adding Read-only Permission at the host level to a particular user? Right-click on the host, select the option to add permission. Capture.987 Select the domain & user and click on ok Capture.988 Capture.989 Here we can observe user login into server. Capture.990 Capture.991 Capture.992

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