Working with Operators in TeraData

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TPT Performs operations that are extract, load, transform, etc to the below 4 operations

  • Producer operator
  • consumer operator
  • Filter operator
  • Standalone operator

a)Producer operator

Reads data source and writes to data streams the below operators are available in producer operator

Operator Description
EXPORT Fast export utility to export data to file form tables.
SQL Selector Select data form tera data tables with SQL Sessions
Data connector Reads data from external files.
ODBC Operator Extract data from any ODBC Provider on windows, unix, MVS platforms.

  2Fast load in mod adaptor

2Multi load in mod adaptor  

b)Consumer operator

Reads data from data streams and writes to a tera database the below sub operators are available

Operator Description
Load Operator Implement Fast Load  functionality, loading to empty tables
Update Operator Implement multi-load functionality loading to 5 tables
Stream Operator Implement TPUMP Protocol continuous loading data to tera data tables
SQL Inserter Inserter data into tera data tables, with SQL session
Data connector Writes data to an external file to access module


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PT Operator Max Tables
Load 1    
Update 5
Stream 127
SQL Inserter 1

2Fast export out mod adaptor  

c)Filter operator

Read and write data from and to stream and perform data transformation function such as selection, validation, conjoins

  Filter operator  

d)Standalone operator:

2Standalone processing that does not in value sending(or)Receiving to and from the data stream it does not operate on the data stream.

2The below stand lone operators are available

Operator Description
DDL Operator Create indexes, tables, drop tables, delete table, replace, rename, macro, views, name, etc operations
Update operator Use when performing delete the task and there is no data need for the delete SQL Request
OS Command It executes os command on the client system


Standalone Operator

  Standalone Operator  

Object Definition

  • Define Job
  • Define Schema
  • Define operator
  • Define DBMS
  • Define Table
  • Define table ser 

Define operator

Takes operator, operator attributes  

Define schema

2Define data structure the data an operator will process

2Unique structure for every object  

Important command line structure


Runs tera data PT Job parallel transporter

Tlog view 

View the content of log file produced for running a tera data-parallel transporter job  

Operator syntax:







Type load

Schema se- party







Sessions and Instance

Sessions Take multiple connections to the script while processing

Generally fast load, multi-load, TPUMP, and fast export use session.

Instance is used by the operators to process the data gallery

Ex: min sessions=2;

Max sessions=8;  


Syntax operator:[NUMBER]

EX: Load- party[4]      

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