Become a Certified Teradata administrator by enrolling into Teklsate’s Teradata DBA training, where you will master the concepts of Teradata DBA architecture, Database Space, DBC dictionary tables, Query Analysis And Tools, and many more through real-time use cases and practical executions. You will also get an opportunity to work on the real-time implementation of Teradata DBA projects under the guidance of certified Teradata expert during training which will help in earning the Teradata

Key Features

  • 30 hours of Instructor Led Teradata DBA Training
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Practical Approach
  • 24/7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers
  • Real World use cases and Scenarios
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Course Overview

After the successful completion of Teradata DBA training at Tekslate, the participant will be able to

  • Get an overview of Teradata architecture and its key components.
  • Master different types of views, and track the logs(LOGON, LOGOFF) used in Teradata.

  • Understand the Access rights (Auto, implicit, Explicit Rights).

  • Learn about various monitoring tools used to track system, and performance issues.

  • Teradata is the global leader in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse & Data Management Solutions for Analytics.
  • Top companies like Cisco, Dell, and other Fortune 500 companies are using Teradata in their deployments.

  • Certified Teradata Administrators are earning more salaries compared to other technology professionals.

  • The average pay of a skilled Teradata Administrators stands at 142,043 USD per annum.

  • The career opportunities for Teradata will increase even further, as many more organizations are moving towards Teradata DBA due to its increasing demand.

The job roles who get primarily benefited from learning this course are listed below:

  • IT professionals
  • Analytics managers

  • Administrators

  • Professionals who want to enhance their skills in database management, and administration.

There are no specific prerequisites for learning Teradata DBA. Anyone who is interested in learning this course can join this training.

We will provide two real-time projects under the guidance of a professional trainer, who will explain you on how to acquire in-depth knowledge on all the concepts involved in these projects.

Course Curriculum

  • Parsing Engine (PE)
  • Request and Response Parcel
  • Access Module Processors (AMPs)
  • Bynet, Data access Handling
  • TD Config Utilities
  • Config and Reconfig
  • Permanent Space
  • Spool Space
  • Temp Space
  • Indexes
  • Data dictionary
  • Parsing Engine
  • System Views
  • Database Views
  • DBC Users View
  • Indices View
  • All Temp Tables View
  • Using DBC AMP Usage
  • Using DBC Table Size
  • Logon and Logoff Tracking
  • Access rights (Auto, implicit, Explicit Rights)
  • Roles and Profiles
  • Creating Roles and Profiles
  • DBC.RoleInfo and DBC.ProfileInfo
  • Database Query Log (DBQL)
  • DBQL Tables and Views
  • Access Logging
  • TD Password Encryption
  • Password Security Features
  • Host Logon Processing
  • Session Related Views
  • DBC.sessionInfo Info View
  • Data Access Info Views
  • Access LogRules Views
  • Access Log Views
  • TD Manager Apps
  • TD Dashboard
  • TD Manager Service
  • Starting TD Manager
  • Performance Monitor
  • PMON Main window
  • PMON sessions Screen
  • TD Administrator
  • Locking Logger
  • Starting DB Window
  • Archive and Recovery Statements
  • Recovery vs. FastLoad
  • Invoking Archive
  • Restart Log
  • Archive
  • Database DBC Archive
  • Indexes option
  • Archive and Recovery (ARC) Examples
  • Restore
  • COPY
  • Copying Tables


Our trainers are well experienced professionals and certified in working with front-end development technologies.

We will record all the Live sessions you go through, and we will send the recording of the class you missed.

For practical execution, our trainer will provide server access to the student. 

All our training classes are live. This is to solve all the student queries directly with the trainer.

Live online training means, our trainer will be in online with you to solve your issues.
Pre-recorded training means, there will be no trainer available to solve your issues.

You can contact our Tekslate support team, or you can send an email to info@tekslate.com for your queries.

Yes, you can access the course material after completing course by the recorded training videos we shared with you during training.

To avail all discounts offered by Tekslate, you need to visit the website regularly. However, there will be a group discount for 2 or more participants.

Yes, you will get your refund by cancelling some administration fee from the course. But, you should cancel your enrolment within 48 hours of registration, and then the refund will be retained within 30 days of a request.


Major certifications available for Teradata DBA are listed below:

Teradata Certified Professional

Teradata Database Certified Administrator

Tekslate provides you proper guidance via industry-expert trainers on how to gain a strong foundation on Teradata DBA concepts and also provides information on the latest developments happening in the industry particular to this domain.

Through this, you will be able to clear your Teradata DBA Certification Exam in your first submit itself.