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Teradata Wallet is a facility for the storage of sensitive/secret information, such as Teradata Database user passwords. Users save and retrieve items by using the facility.

Wallet or tdwallet is the latest piece or pack of Teradata software, introduced in the latest Teradata Tools and Utilities packages those are version 14.00/15.00 and later, where the customers can store passwords/credentials (or other confidential information) securely and safely on client computers or application servers. This stored information is used while signing in to the Teradata Database using any utility or piece of software that uses Teradata.


Teradata Wallet is a facility for the storage of sensitive/secret information, such as Teradata Database user passwords. Users save and retrieve items by using the facility. Each item has two parts:

     (1) the name of the item, and

     (2) the value of the item.

Both “Name” and “value” of the item are sequences of Unicode characters of arbitrary content.

 An item name, (1), is used to uniquely select an item; for example, it is possible to retrieve the value of the item named "password_proddev".

An item value, (2), is the actual content of the item; for example, a Teradata Database user password, or a credit card number.

Items are stored in a wallet. Each user has exactly one wallet. Item names must be unique within a given wallet; for example, a specific user could only have a single item named "password_proddev", but two different users, say "User1" and "User2", could each have items named "password_proddev" with possibly different values.

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CLIv2(Call Level Interface version2) to connect to the Teradata Database

Logging on to a Teradata Database requires the user to submit a password, which sometimes causes problems:

  • Job scripts require the inclusion of a password, which is then exposed in plain text.
  • Someone watches the user type in the password.
  • Users with access to multiple database systems record their password son sticky notes in order to remember them.

Now, rather than placing passwords within job scripts or recording them on sticky notes, users can store passwords managed by Teradata Wallet.

Business Value

Teradata Wallet provides an easy method for making Teradata passwords, and therefore your Teradata data, more secure. It is especially beneficial for easy retrieval of passwords on application servers or other shared computers that host multiple users and connect to multiple databases.

Technical Overview

For this initial release, Teradata CLIv2 is the only connectivity interface that makes use of the Teradata Wallet. The following is a list of Teradata Client products that use Teradata CLIv2 to connect to the Teradata Database:

  • Basic Teradata Query Utility
  • Teradata FastLoad
  • Teradata MultiLoad
  • Teradata Parallel Data Pump
  • Teradata FastExport
  • Teradata ARC
  • Teradata Preprocessor 2
  • Teradata Parallel Transporter

Teradata Interview Questions

How it Works

Wallet data is segregated by client users and a given user can only access information from his/her own wallet.


The system will check David's wallet for the string that has the name―password_for_slugger‖ and would then access the encrypted value associated with it (g0t#L0st#).


Use this feature when:

Users are running scripted applications: They can embed password retrieval syntax into scripts instead of compromising security by including a password.

Users are accessing multiple Teradata Database systems: They can automatically retrieve the correct password for a system instead of having to remember the password or look it up.

Do NOT use this feature when:

All users log in to the same client system using the same login information (and as such are treated as the same user on the client system) AND each user has a separate Teradata Database user name and password. In this scenario, it would not be advisable to use the Teradata Wallet feature because the users would be able to access each other‘s Teradata Database password (since they would all be using the same wallet).

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