What are Work Type and Work Item In Pega?
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In PEGA, Work Type is fundamental unit of work that is process by the people or applications. Each of the work has their own attribute or set of principle or steps to follow. To understand it more clearly let us take an example of a Bank. Bank is an organization and it does some work like providing loan, opening account, doing transaction etc. So, each of this work is a WorkType from PEGA prospective.

Now for each of the WorkType there are systematic processes that need to be followed. In case of Loan, a person who wishes to apply for loan has to submit a loan application with the bank. This Loan application is called WorkItem in PEGA world. So, WorkItem is the unique instance of work.

WorkItem in PEGA

Work Type In Pega

A work type is any concrete class derived from the Work- base class. For example, the standard class named PegaSample-Task is a work type, as this class is derived from the Work-Object- class (which in turn is derived from the Work- base class.)

Many applications involve more than one work type, based on processing characteristics. For example, the processing of an application for a jumbo mortgage differs from the processing of conventional mortgages, requiring different steps, different properties, and so on. An application that is to support both jumbo and conventional mortgages may have many work types; however, many properties and other rules that apply to both can still be shared.

Users identify a work type as they enter each new work item. The set of all work types available to them is determined by the class group entries in their access group.

A work type label is derived from the Short Description on the Flow form, for a start flow rule (with that work type as the Applies To key part). A starter flow rule is one that creates new work items.

Work type labels appear in the New selection box on the Process Work navigation panel. For example, the phrase Customer Request appears on this list from the Short Description of the standard flow named PegaSample-CustomerRequest.NewWork.

In some applications, the work type assigned to a work item when the work item is first created is preliminary. The standard flow action Work-.ChangeClass allows a user (with the appropriate privileges) to reclassify a work item from one work type to another (within the same pool).

Work type label

Work Item In Pega

A work item is the primary unit of work completion in an application, and the primary collection of data that a flow operates on.

Workers using an application create, update, and eventually resolve and close work items.

Every work item has a unique ID (property pyID), an urgency value, and a status (property pyStatusWork).

In some organizations, a work item is known as a work object.

In specific application settings, work items may have a traditional name derived from a pre-automation era. For example, work items in a help desk or service desk system are often called trouble tickets.

Temporary Work Item In Pega

A temporary work item is a work item that is created and resolved by a single operator or through straight-through processing and never saved as a database object.

To create a temporary work item, select the Creates temporary object? checkbox on the flow that creates the object. (Alternatively, you can cause a work item can be designated as temporary by setting the standard property @baseclass.pyTemporaryObject to True as the work item is created.)

Temporary work items can be used in screen flows and regular flows.

Restrictions Use this feature only in appropriate situations, as reporting, history, and attachment features are not available for temporary work items. Note these restrictions:        -Temporary work items do not have a work item ID.        -Temporary work items cannot be members of a cover.        -History additions performed on such objects do not cause a flow to fail, but have no effect.

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