How To Create RuleSet in Pega

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What is Ruleset in Pega?

A name RuleSet is an instance of the type of rule-Rule-RuleSet name. Each defines RuleSet an important subset of PegaRULES rules in the database because each instance of each type of reference rule or “belongs to” a RuleSet. A name RuleSet is an important aspect:

Access control - Grouping of interrelated rules -Manage Rules -Move applications – sets of rules – from a system process to another commander.


Understanding Rules in PRPC


As a container for components of your application, a RuleSet stores a related group of business rules. It’s what you deploy in your production environment or ship to a customer. RuleSets provide security, version control, and the ability to deploy your application in (or move it to) a different Process Commander environment. You must create a RuleSet before you can build an application.

Ruleset has 2 parts – Ruleset Name & Ruleset Version

1. Rule-RuleSet-Name

Which defines the RuleSet name and other characteristics

It should contain Maximum 64 characters

Ex. PolicyAdmin

2. Rule-RuleSet-Version

which defines the RuleSet Version.

It has 3 parts separated by a hyphen – Major, Minor & Patch

Ex. 01-05-07


When you create a new RuleSet, you can choose to specify an existing RuleSet as its parent or Prerequisite. This designation establishes a rule resolution relationship between it and your RuleSet, which can then inherit and extend existing features and characteristics.In most cases, you should specify Pega-ProCom as a prerequisite for new RuleSets. This Process Commander RuleSet contains the standard work management capabilities that you use as building blocks for your applications.


Create a new Rule Set Version

Steps to Create a new Rule Set Version:

-Go To Application -Select New -Select Rule -Select SysAdmin -Select Rule Set Version

On Selecting Rule Set Version, a new Pop-Up will be opened as follows.

How To Create RuleSet in Pega- Ruleset version

Select the Rule Set name created, in RuleSet Name field and provide a version number in the format xx-yy-zz and click on Create.

How To Create RuleSet in Pega- Creation of new instance in ruleset

In the above expression, xx-yy-zz represents

XX - a Major Version

YY - a Minor Version

ZZ - a Patch Version

A new Rule Set Version will be created like this,

How To Create RuleSet in Pega- New ruleset version in ruleset


Creating Rule set In PEGA 

Create a RuleSet to identify, store, and manage the set of rules that define an application or a major portion of an application. You may need five to eight RuleSets per application. Typically, these are created as you use the Application Accelerator; you do not need to create them with the RuleSet form.

How you use RuleSets in your application has important design and deployment consequences. For large and complex applications, several RuleSet may be appropriate. Before you create a RuleSet, think carefully about the purpose, use, and dependencies of current RuleSets and the new RuleSet.

Select -- > Application > Structure

To view a list of RuleSets in your application (including those your application is built on) and a list of prerequisites for each RuleSet. In versions before V6.1, you used New RuleSet and New RuleSet Version forms to create RuleSet and version rules, respectively. Beginning with V6.1, you simultaneously create both rules in the New RuleSet Version form. You can create versions for a given RuleSet from the Versions tab.

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Use the Rules Explorer to list all RuleSet rules in your system.


As a best practice, create the initial set of RuleSets you need using a wizard, such as the Application Accelerator. When you create a new RuleSet, an initial RuleSet version 01-01-01 is also created.

After you create a RuleSet and version, enable developers to create and modify rules in the new RuleSet by referencing the new RuleSet version in an application rule and an access group that is available to yourself or other users.

Optional or special-purpose RuleSets



CheckInCandidates Initially empty. Supports the Rule Check-in Approval process, and needed only by developers using that process. See How to use the Rule Check-in Approval process. Not locked.
PegaAES Optional RuleSet, part of the Autonomic Event Services product.
PegaAESRemote Optional RuleSet, for client systems monitored by the Autonomic Event Services product.
PegaAppTestManagement Optional RuleSet, part of the Test Management Framework.
Pega-BIX Optional RuleSet, provides the Business Intelligence Exchange facility.
PegaCustFoundation Optional RuleSet, part of the Test Management Framework.
Pega-DecisionEngine Optional. Supports Decision Strategy Manager.

PegaE to PegaO

PegaForecaster Not used.
Pega-IAC Supports the optional Internet Application Composer product.
Pega-Mobile Supports the Pega Mobile product.

PegaP to PegaV

Pega-Repository Reserved. Not used.
PegaRelationshipViewer Optional RuleSet, part of the Test Management Framework.  
PegaRuleStubs Reserved. Do not reference this RuleSet in any configuration. Supports special processing for rule resolution performance.
Pega-SpecialControls Supports access to third-party UI facilities in non-autogenerated sections. See Sections — Completing the HTML tab.

PegaW to PegaZ

PegaWAI Optional RuleSet that supports accessibility.
Pega-WorkManager Pega-WorkSource Reserved. Not used.


PmmlSupport Part of Decision Strategy Manager.

Foundation RuleSets In PEGA

These RuleSets provide facilities that are part of base PRPC and are typically available to all users. The correct order and versions of these RuleSets are defined by the application rule named PegaRULES:06-03. The descriptions below provide only a general indication of the scope of the features provided.



Pega-AppDefinition Supports the Direct Capture of Objectives features.
Pega-AutoTest Supports Automated Unit Testing.
Pega-Content Supports Content Management Interoperability Services.
Pega-Desktop Supports the Designer Studio.
Pega-EndUserUI HTML and JSP generation
Pega-Engine Rule resolution, low-level foundation processing
Pega-EventProcessing Supports business events.
Pega-Feedback Supports the Direct Feedback feature, which works with the Project Management Framework.
Pega-Gadgets Designer Studio, landing pages
Pega-ImportExport ZIP archive support
Pega-IntegrationArchitect Rule forms
Pega-IntegrationEngine Integration services and connectors runtime
Pega-IntSvcs Integration, connectors and services
Pega-LocalizationTools Internationalization and localization
Pega-LP Landing pages
Pega-LP-Application Application landing pages
Pega-LP-DataModel Data model landing pages
Pega-LP-Integration Integration landing pages
Pega-LP-OrgAndSecurity Organization and security landing pages
Pega-LP-ProcessAndRules Process and rules landing pages
Pega-LP-Reports Landing pages
Pega-LP-SystemSettings Systems landing pages
Pega-LP-UserInterface User interface landing pages
Pega-Portlet Supports portlet services
Pega-ProcessArchitect Rule forms
Pega-ProcessCommander Topmost foundation RuleSet.
Pega-ProcessEngine Flows and other process rules, at runtime.
Pega-ProCom Workflow support and user portal facilities.
Pega-Reporting Reporting
Pega-RULES Activities, Java generation, rule resolution, and basic engine operations.
Pega-RulesEngine Foundation
Pega-RuleRefactoring RuleSet management
Pega-SearchEngine Full-text search. See Understanding the full-text search facility
Pega-SecurityVA Supports the Rule Security Analyzer.
Pega-SystemArchitect Designer Studio facilities
Pega-UIDesign User interface facilities
Pega-UIEngine User interface runtime facilities
Pega-UpdateManager Supports the Update Manager for hotfixes and system scanning.

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