Before a developer can access the MUDE, the user must be set up in the Administration Tool.

This includes identifying the user and pointing to the appropriate repository.

To set up a user to access the MUDE, perform the following steps: 1. Click Tools > Options. The Options dialog box appears. Click the Multiuser tab.


The Multiuser development directory text box is mandatory. It must be completed by any user who wants to use the MUDE feature. The multiuser development directory must be set to the directory on the network shared with other MUDE developers. The Administration Tool stores this path in a hidden Windows registry setting on the developers workstation and uses it during checkout and check in.

The Full name text box is optional. If a user enters a name in this text box, the value is used by default in the Full name text box of the repository Lock Information dialog box—this dialog box locks the master repository in the shared directory. For convenience and tracking, each MUDE developer should enter a full name. The value is stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER part of the registry and is, therefore, unique for each login.



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Note: For this tutorial, the Administrator is used as the developer name because it is not possible to produce multiple users on multiple machines for this OBIEE. In a real-world scenario, this step would be performed on each developer user's computer. 2 . Click Browse. 3 . In the Browse For Folder dialog box, navigate to and select your shared RPD directory, and then click OK.


4 . Enter Administrator in the "Full name" text box and click OK.


You are now ready to perform multiuser development.

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