Developing Repository in OBIEE

13 October, 2020


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Before starting this tutorial, you should:

  1. Have access to or have Installed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g.

Note: This tutorial is built using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Due to product enhancements in, if you use an earlier version of the product to complete this tutorial, you will notice some differences in functionality:

New Diagramming Capability: The Physical and Business Model Diagrams have enhanced capabilities in the release, including an improved look-and-feel, the ability to display columns in table objects in the diagram, and new diagram options like auto-layout, marquee zoom, and zoom to fit. Additionally, joins in the Physical and Business Model Diagrams are now represented by a line with an arrow at the "one" end of the join, rather than the line with crow’s feet at the "many" end of the join that was used in previous releases. When creating joins in the Physical and Business Model Diagrams, you now select the "many" end of the join first and then select the "one" end of the join. In previous releases, joins in the diagrams were created by selecting the "one" end of the join first.

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When setting up query logging, you must select Action > Set Online User Filter in Identity Manager to view users in the repository.

To complete this tutorial you must have access to the BISAMPLE schema that is included with the Sample Application for Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus. There are three options for accessing the BISAMPLE schema:

  1. If you already have installed version 825 or V107 of the Sample Application, verify that you have access to the BISAMPLE schema and begin the tutorial.
  1. If you are interested in downloading and installing the complete Sample Application, you can access it here on the Oracle Technical Network (OTN). Please note, however, that only the BISAMPLE schema is required to complete this tutorial. If you want to install only the BISAMPLE schema, proceed to option 3.
  1. Click here to access the ForOBE.7z file, which has the 825 version of the BISAMPLE schema and installation instructions. Save ForOBE.7z, unzip, and begin with README FIRST.txt.



Example folder: c:data


Step1) connect to sys or system user



go to command prompt(start==>run==>type cmd)

Step1b) connect to oracle using following command sqplus username@databasename/pwd


sqlplus system@apple/apple123

step2) at the command prompt execute following command

step 3a)


step 3b) after successful completion of above command execute below command


STEP4) Open another command prompt and connect to database using following

sqlplus bisample@apple/bisample

at the second SQL connection execute following command


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