Set Analysis in Qlikview

19 September, 2018


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Set Analysis in Qlikview

Defining a set of field values is referred to as defining a set expression and using set expressions to analyze data is referred to as set analysis. It restricts, predefines, or extends the set of data that charts base their calculations on.

Set expressions are available for charts only, and not in scripts. Set expressions always begin and end in curly brackets.

Set Analysis is QlikView function that allows you to override this functionality and take control of the selections at an object or chart level. Set Analysis gives the developer complete control over which data is reported in the chart.

The following are some scenarios where a developer may wish to use Set Analysis:-

  • To compare results for two different time periods in one single view based on the same selection state
  • To restrict or exclude certain value(s) in a field from the calculation
  • To create a cumulative sum or YTD (Year-To-Date) result, even if the user selects only one month
  • To disregard selections in a certain field that may not be applicable to calculate a particular metric
  •  To use the set of data returned by a Bookmark, even when the Bookmark is not activated
  • To replace If expressions that make use of lots of hardware resources
  • To Ignore or include some or all of the current selections
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