Session Configuration in JBoss

Configure <session-timeout> in the <session-config> element

The value (in minutes) indicates how long the servlet container will maintain an idle session (in memory or on disk) before timing out

Value ⇐ 0 indicates that sessions never expire - unless destroyed explicitly (through users logouts)

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Significant impact on server memory usage and end-user dissatisfaction with time outs




Serving Static Content

Tomcat serves static content via its DefaultServlet (configured in Tomcat’s web.xml file)

Any file under an application’s structure (but outside WEB-INF and META-INF directories) is considered static content

Application deploy/ROOT.war/ is considered special - it has no context path

Serves all content not served by any other application

Returns an HTTP 404 response if the requested static content does not exist

ROOT.war also provides support for http://localhost:8080/status servlet (see its WEB-INF/web.xml)

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