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13th October, 2020




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Q1. What are the characteristics of the Dev Team in Scrum?

Characteristics of the Dev Team in Scrum are as follows :

  1. Dev Team should be 7+/-2 people
  2. Dev Team is cross-functional
  3. Dev Team is self-organizing

Q2. Who is part of the Scrum Team?

Scrum Team consists of :

  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Dev Team

Q3. What different responsibilities does the Scrum Master have?

Depending upon the association this can change, yet it merits inquiring as to whether their responsibilities don't intrigue you at all. It is smarter to think about them now!

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Q4. What is the role and responsibility of the Product Owner?

  1. Product Owner is responsible for maximizing value of work done by Dev Team
  2. Product Owner owns vision and goals / Return of Investment of work done
  3. The Product Owner is the final decision-maker of list of items in Product Backlog
  4. Product Owner owns date and scope of the release

Q5. Define Extreme Programming(XP)?

It is a type of agile software development. It advocates frequent releases in short development cycles, which is intended to improve productivity and introduce checkpoints where new customer requirements can be adopted. The methodology takes its name from the idea that the beneficial elements of traditional software engineering practices are taken to extreme levels. XP addresses the analysis, development, and test phases with novel approaches that make a substantial difference to the quality of the end-product.

Q6. What is the role and responsibility of Scrum Master?

Scrum Master is responsible for guiding the Product Owner and Scrum Team to achieve optimal results.

He is responsible for 3 P's i.e. Process Owner, Problem Solver, and Protestor

Process Owner

  • Teaches Scrum to everyone
  • Acts as a change agent for an organization
  • Coaches everyone on how to use ScrumEnforces rules of Scrum

Problem Solver

Help remove blocks and assists the Dev Team and Product Owner to achieve the best results


Protects Dev Team from disruption

Q7. What are the advantages of scrum?

  • Iterative in nature as it requires constant feedback.
  • Due to the short sprint and constant feedback, it is easier to cope with the changes.
  • Receives higher customer satisfaction
  • Delivery of products at constant time. No delay in delivery.
  • Agile Scrum helps in saving time and money.
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