Migration with changesets in Salesforce

Login into Source Sandbox and go to the following path

Your name ---> App Setup ---> Deploy C

lick on the “Outbound Change Sets” --->  Click on “New ” button

Migration with change sets

   2. Enter the Name, Description of Changeset and click on “Save” button

   3. Click on “Add” button in the Change Set Components section to add the Components

 4. Choose the Component type and select the components which we want to migrate by clicking on the checkbox and click on Add to Change Set button

 5. If we want to migrate the apex triggers, then select the component called “Apex Trigger” from the component type drop-down list  

 6. All the triggers in the Organization will be automatically populated, select the checkbox beside the trigger name which we want to migrate into another sanbox and click on “Add to Change Set” button  

 7. Click on the “Upload” button

 8. Select the Target Organization (Destination Organization) and click on the “Upload” button

 9. Once we click on the upload button in the above window, then the salesforce will intimate to the user saying that “Your Outbound changeset has been successfully uploaded” through an email

Migration with change sets

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After getting the above email, login into destination organization and go to the following path --->  Your name --->  App Setup--->  Deploy Click on the “Inbound Change Sets”.

Migration with change sets

1. Click on the “Change Set Name” from the following window which we uploaded in the Source Organization

Migration with change sets

2. Click on the “Validate” button to validate the deployment

Migration with change sets  


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3. Click on the “Deploy” button if the validate succeeded for deploying into destination organization

Migration with change sets

 The following window will give the status as “Succeeded” in the Deployment History section if the deployment was successful.

Migration with change sets

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