Apex For Loop

For Loops:

Apex supports three variations of the for loop

The Traditional for loop

for (i=0; i<=100; i++) {

-------- }


The list or set of iteration for loop`

for (variable ; List-or-set) {



List <account > a = {select name from account};

for (Account acc: a)


------- Code block


Where variable (acc) must be of the same primitive or SObject n-type as List -or-set.

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The SOQL for loop:

for (variable: [Soql-query])

{ or variable list.



Both variable and variable-list must be of the same SObject type as is returned by the Soql-query.


for (Account a: [Select Name FROM Account where id='XXXXXXXXXX']





for( List <account> acc: [Select Name From account])



Example for For Salesforce Loop SOQL Query

The following program displays the Account Names by one by one that is associated with Contact Names.

List <Contact > Lc = [Select Account Id, FirstName, LastName, account.accountid];

This SOQL query will retrieve the all the Contact records with Account Id, FirstName and LastName and Last Name filed values.

List > string > accid = new List <string> ();

For (contact c : lc)


accid. add (c. account id);

This statement adds all accountids to the acc id Variable.

System.debug ('The lists of IDs are ' + accid).

List < Account > la = [Select Name from Account where id =: acc


for (Account Acc : la)


System.debug (Acc.Name);



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