SalesForce Interview Questions & Answers

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Salesforce Interview Questions

Q1) What is Salesforce?

Ans: Salesforce is the most effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product that is delivered to subscribers as cost-effective SaaS.

Q2) What is the sharing rule?

Ans: The sharing standards are connected when a client wishes to enable access to different clients.

Salesforce has turned into the centrepiece of numerous organization's deals and promoting computerization endeavours, and the interest for qualified Salesforce directors is as high as ever. In any case, the rivalry is additionally intense for the correct positions, so the arrangement is critical on the off chance that you need to emerge from the group.

Q3) Define the Salesforce dashboard?

Ans: In Salesforce, the dashboard is a pictorial portrayal of the report. 20 reports can be added to a solitary dashboard.

Q4) How deals constrain is helpful in following deals?

Ans: Deals constrain records all the fundamental subtle elements like the number of clients served day by day, day by day deals volume, deals supervisor point by point reports, deals numbers in every month or quarter.  Also, it keeps a track on the rehash client, which is vital to progress for any business association.

Q5) What is the difference between isBlank and isNull?


  • isBlank: It supports for the Text field
  • isNull: It supports for a number field

Q6) Define trigger?

Ans: A trigger is a lever which, when pulled by the finger, releases the hammer on a firearm. In a database, a trigger is a set of Structured Query Language statements that automatically "fires off" action when a specific operation, such as changing data in a table, occurs.

Q7) What is the difference between  and

Ans: is SaaS ( Software as a Service) and is PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Q8) What actions available in the workflow?


  • Outbound Message
  • Field Update
  • Email Alert
  • Task

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Q9) What is the contrast between Trigger and Workflow?

Ans: Workflow is a robotized procedure that fires an activity in light of assessment criteria and administers criteria. As depicted above, Trigger is the code that is executed on or after the record is refreshed or embedded.

Q10) Specify what are the distinctive kinds of reports accessible in Salesforce?

Ans: Distinctive sorts of reports accessible in Salesforce are

Forbidden report: It shows the amazing aggregate in the table frame

Network report: It is an itemized report in which the gathering is done in light of the two lines and segments

Synopsis report: It is a point by point type of the report in which the gathering is done in light of sections

Joined report: With this, at least two reports can participate in the single reports


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