Resident Load in Qlikview

19 September, 2018


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Resident Load in QlikView

In some cases, we will need to read the same table more than once in a single script execution. This means, querying the database (or QVDs) and pulling data from it, and then reprocessing that same data after the first read in order to make it adequate for our data model. Since the data is being stored in RAM after each query during the script execution, we can use that RAM-stored data instead of going directly to the original data source. This is accomplished via a Resident load.

Resident Load is used for loading the data from previously loaded tables.

Ex:  Transact: LOAD Year, Month, Day, Sales,

CustID FROM [E:\Qlik View\sales data.xls] (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$); Tab2: load Year, Sales Resident Transact ;

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