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Welcome to Primavera P6 Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to provide in depth understand of Primavera P6.

In addition to free Primavera P6 Tutorials, we will cover common interview questions, issues and how to’s of Primavera P6.


Primavera P6 Project Management module is comprehensive, scalable, multi-project planning and control software, built on Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases for organization-wide project management. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution comprising role-specific functionality to satisfy each team member’s needs, responsibilities, and skills.

The Primavera P6 suite uses a standard windows interface, client/server architecture, web-enabled technology, and a stand-alone or network-based database. It provides a single solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to various levels of complexities within a project, and intelligently scales to meet the needs of various roles.

The components and features of Primavera P6 are discussed in this tutorial with appropriate screenshots.

Benefits of using PRIMAVERA

-Easy-to-use solution
-Great for simple projects
-Integrated suite of features
-We serve your kind of company
-Modern platform
-Open technology
-Full construction mgmt application
-Easy to do business with
-Clear understanding
-Inclusive deployment to all stakeholders and participant

Primavera Server Components

Primavera may require the installation and configuration of the following server-based components:

-Database: Project data and project methodologies are each stored in separate central databases. These two databases should be maintained on a database server running Oracle.

-Group Server: If your implementation of Primavera includes the Timesheets client module, you must install -the Group Server. This component is a Windows 2003 service that runs on your Web server and allows clients to download Timesheets from that server using their Web browsers.

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Primavera P6 Architecture


Primavera P6 Reduces Risk: When your schedule has inconsistencies, errors, or overrun issues, project expenses will grow. This could mean cutting more vital aspects of the project to compensate for the excess costs. Using Primavera P6 helps identify and mitigate risks in the course of planning, managing, and completing a project.

Easy to Use Software: Primavera P6 offers many complex analyses and processes; however, accessing and managing the schedule remains simple. Simply input your information, and wait for the software to determine if any problems exist. For example, worker shifts may be uncovered, have too many employees, or additional raw materials may be needed. P6 may be used throughout an entire project, even large, multi-tier projects.

Optimized Resources: Primavera P6 allows all involved in a project to carefully monitor resource availability and adjust such resources to meet project demands. Furthermore, the software can help identify areas where resource costs may be reduced by analyzing resource trends and costs.

Enhanced Visibility: Visibility and compliance with political and environmental regulations are among the top priorities for project managers and business executives. Since Oracle Primavera P6 allows all data to be entered, tracked, and analyzed in one location, you can ensure your project does not pose any possible violations.

Forecasting of Project Activities: As a project evolves, the project may require additional resources, activities, and tasks to meet stakeholder demands. Within Oracle Primavera P6, project managers can create forecasts for resources, activities, and other project needs.

Tracking Features: The tracking features of Primavera P6 allow users to rapidly generate reports, ensure all projects are completed as requested, and maintain baseline adherence.

Enhanced Communication: Some projects may span large geographic areas, require hundreds of workers, and involve many different parties. Primavera P6 enables executive-level staff to communicate with other workers, project managers, and planners easily. Furthermore, notes can be made to the schedule in the software to ensure all users see the message.

Improved Collaboration: Since communication is enhanced throughout a project, it’s easy to see how improved communication translates into improved collaboration. This is especially important when projects span large areas. For example, projects in the energy production industries may require collaboration between many different parties.

Gives Employees Responsibility in Schedule Creation: Primavera P6 makes the scheduling and planning process easier by allowing users access to the schedule. Additionally, you may allow workers to create their schedules within the software from their location. Workers may also make schedule requests within the software, turn in timesheets, and perform other scheduling functions.

Breakdown Complex Projects: The size of a project can be overwhelming. Oracle P6 allows project managers to break large projects into smaller, achievable projects, tasks, and activities.

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Primavera P6 Installation

Oracle Primavera P6 Installation

At Dividend Training, we don’t just provide licenses, training, and advice for Primavera P6 users. We have been installing the software for a long time, too.

As such, we make the perfect place to come for help with all installation matters. Indeed, the team here can help you to buy the correct number and types of licenses as well.

Simplified: It is worth remembering that installing Primavera is not your normal installation process. It usually helps to have in-depth knowledge to get your Oracle Primavera P6 installation right, the first time. Okay, so some users can get the system up and running, but not always without future issues. By not selecting the right options at the installation stage, for instance, later hiccups can occur leading to many hours of frustration. Basically, getting the installation to work well is not as easy as you might think.

It Makes Sense: The issues that the typical Oracle Primavera P6 installation presents can challenge experienced IT professionals, let alone the average user. Therefore purchasing your licenses from Dividend Training, backed up by our installation service, makes perfect sense.

Extensive Experience: We have extensive experience in providing the right installation package over a range of industry sectors. From aerospace to defense and construction. There aren’t many challenges out there that we’ve yet to overcome.

Quick & Painless: It is worth noting that, given a blank canvas, we can install Primavera web (EPPM) within a single working day. For an inexperienced installer, the whole process may take significantly longer than this. However, the advantages of having Dividend Training take care of it for you don’t end there. We are able to install the software remotely which can make it extremely cost-effective compared with on-site configurations.

All Shapes And Sizes: Our Oracle Primavera P6 installation package is particularly appealing for businesses that operate over multiple sites. Where travel costs would become prohibitive. For businesses large or small, we ensure a smooth process – and make this complex procedure seem simple.

Before We Begin: Remember that, before we proceed, we will make sure that the hardware is capable of running Oracle Primavera. We’ll also make sure it’s fully compatible with any other software that you might use.

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