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Course Overview

SQL Server T-SQL Overview

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS). Its primary query language is Transact-SQL, an implementation of the ANSI/ISO standard Structured Query Language (SQL) used by Microsoft and Sybase. Microsoft SQL Server is an application used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows family of server operating systems. Microsoft SQL Server provides an environment used to generate databases that can be accessed from workstations, the Internet, or other media such as a personal digital assistant (PDA). Microsoft SQL Server’s tight integration with Windows Server, automated self-tuning and management tools, and the wide availability of developers and compatible business applications can help small to medium-sized businesses achieve a positive ROI (Return-on Investment).  SQL Server T-SQL training is well-designed for beginners and working professionals by expert trainers from Tekslate.

Why to attend Tekslate Online Training ??

Classes are conducted by Certified SQL Server T-SQL Working Professionals with 100 % Quality Assurance.

With an experienced Certified practitioner who will teach you the essentials you need to know to kick-start your career on SQL Server T-SQL. Our training make you more productive with your SQL Server T-SQL Online Training. Our training style is entirely hands-on. We will provide access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs with real-time projects.

Who should attend SQL Server T-SQL training course?

Anyone can learn this course but participants working on SQL server area would be highly benefited.


There are no specific prerequisites to learn this but basic knowledge on SQL concepts would be advantageous but not mandatory.

SQL Server T-SQL Training Course Objectives

After completion of this SQL Server T-SQL training course, you will be able to

Learn Database models Gain overview of SQL Server Management Studio and Transact-SQL language Master writing simple and complex queries that retrieve data from the database Calculate information across result sets using aggregate queries (sum, min, max, avg, etc.) Insert, update, and delete data Retrieve data from tables Work on Joins and Sub-queries Work with Data Types know the Procedure and Functions Understand the different Views Work with Triggers SQL Server T-SQL Training Curriculum

SQL Server T-SQL Introduction & Installation

SQL Server 2012 Installation, Service Accounts & Use,Authentication Modes & Usage,Instance Configurations, SQL Server Features & Purpose, Using Management Studio (SSMS), Configuration Tools & SQLCMD, Conventions & Collation.

SQL Server 2012 Database Design

SQL Database Architecture, Database Creation using GUI, Database Creation using T-SQL scripts, DB Design using Files and File Groups, File locations and Size parameters, Log files and placement, Database Structure modifications.

SQL Server Tables & Data

SQL Server Database Tables, Table creation using T-SQL Scripts, Naming Conventions for Columns, Single Row and Multi-Row Inserts, Table Aliases, Column Aliases & Usage, Table creation using Schemas, Basic INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT queries and Schemas, Use of WHERE, IN and BETWEEN, Variants of SELECT statement, ORDER BY, GROUPING, HAVING, ROWCOUNT and CUBE Functions.

Data Validations and Constraints Need for Data Integrity

Table creation using Constraints, NULL and IDENTITY properties, UNIQUE KEY Constraint and NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY Constraint & Usage, CHECK and DEFAULT Constraints, Naming Composite Primary Keys, Disabling Constraints & Other Options.

Views and Row Data Security

Benefit of Views in SQL Database, Views on Tables and Views, SCHEMABINDING and ENCRYPTION, Issues with Views and ALTER TABLE, Common System Views and Metadata, Common Dynamic Management views, Working with JOINS inside views.

Indexes and Query Tuning

Need for Indexes & Usage?, Indexing Table & View Columns, Index SCAN and SEEK, INCLUDED Indexes & Usage, Materializing Views (storage level), Composite Indexed Columns & Keys, Indexes and Table Constraints, Primary Keys &Non Clustered Indexes.

Stored Procedures and Benefits

Why to use Stored Procedures?, Types of Stored Procedures, Use of Variables and parameters, SCHEMABINDING and ENCRYPTION, INPUT and OUTPUT parameters, System level Stored Procedures, Dynamic SQL and parameterization.

User Defined Functions and Usage

Scalar-Valued Functions, Types of Table Valued Functions, SCHEMABINDING and ENCRYPTION, System Functions and usage, Date Functions, Time Functions, String and Operational Functions, ROW_COUNT, GROUPING Functions.

Triggers and Cursors – Memory Limitations

Why to use Triggers?, DML Triggers and Performance impact, INSERTED and DELETED memory tables, Data Audit operations & Sampling, Database Triggers and Server Triggers, Bulk Operations with Triggers.

Cursors – Memory Limitations

Cursor declaration and Life cycle, STATIC, DYNAMIC, SCROLL Cursors, FORWARD_ONLY and LOCAL Cursors, KEYSET Cursors with Complex SPs.

Transaction Types and Real-world Scenario

ACID Properties and Scope, EXPLICIT Transaction types, IMPLICIT Transactions and options, AUTOCOMMIT Transaction and usage, SAVEPOINT and Query Blocking, Complex SPs with Transactions, Linked Server and DTC operations.

SQL Server T-SQL Certification Training in Your City

SQL Server T-SQL Training India

Tekslate provides instructor-led live online training and corporate training. SQL Server Training provides you hands on real-time project experience. Our Togaf trainers are certified industry experts and work professionals. We provide customized training for beginners as well working professionals.

SQL Server T-SQL Training United States

Our trainers in US are certified and have in-depth knowledge regarding SQL Server Concepts. Tekslate superior quality training is what makes us stand apart from others. Case studies are included in the curriculum of training programs irrespective of the mode you chose. You can avail training in your cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and more.

SQL Server T-SQL Training United Kingdom

For experienced professionals in UK, special batches are conducted in different timings. Customized approach to imparting training has made us different from others. You can clarify your doubts after completing the class. You can avail training in your cities like London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and more.

SQL Server T-SQL Training Canada

There are many companies that offer SQL Server training in Canada. Our SQL Server course provides basic understanding about the introduction and overview. It is the course that can be educate right from the beginner to the intermediate and advanced level. SQL Server Training is provided by Real Time Industry Experts who has huge subject knowledge, skills and enhances the skills of students in the best way. You can avail training in your cities like Montreal, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Ottawa and more.

SQL Server T-SQL Training in Hyderabad

We at TekSlate offer interactively designed SQL Server training. The SQL Server Training course design in Hyderabad aims not only imparting theoretical concepts, but also aid students explore and experiment the subject. By the end of our training program, students can confidently update their profiles with knowledge and Hands on experience.

SQL Server T-SQL Training in Bangalore

TekSlatemasters in IT Online Training services. We are aware of industry needs and we are offering SQL Server Training in Bangalore in a more practical way. We guarantee efficient training offered by real-time experts in the industry.

SQL Server T-SQL Training in Chennai

TekSlate is one of the top-ranked Institute in SQL Server training in Chennai. We provide best quality training for Togaf online with well-experienced professionals.Our unique blend of hands-on training enables students with the productive skills to improve their performance.

SQL Server T-SQL Training in Pune

TekSlate offers Instructor-led online training by Top-Notch Trainers in Pune. Every session will be recorded and provided to you for future reference. Good quality Material will help students explore the subject confidently.

SQL Server T-SQL Training in Mumbai

TekSlate offers best SQL Server Training in Mumbai with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working professionals in the related technologies. Our team of trainers provides training services in a practical way with a framed syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.

SQL Server T-SQL Training in Delhi

SQL Server Training helps you to develop your IT skills through our wide variant training curricula. TekSlate in Delhi has immense experienced real-time professionals having years of experience. Our training program is very much mixed with both practical and interview point of questions to achieve the expertise in the subject.

SQL Server T-SQL Certification

The SQL Server T-SQL Certification is designed to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to deploy and maintain reliable enterprise systems. By becoming an SQL Server T-SQL Certified Professional, you will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to gain credibility in this rapidly growing SQL Server T-SQL platform.

Having a SQL Server T-SQL certification distinguishes you as an expert. This certification is conducted by Microsoft.

Exam Details:

To learn more about check https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/learning/sql-certification.aspx

Benefits to our Global Learners Tekslate services are Student-centered learning. Qualitative & cost effective learning at your pace. Geographical access to learn from any part of the world.


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SQL Server T-SQL Course Curriculum

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SQL Server T-SQL Training Objectives


  • Individuals who want to master in PL/SQL.

  • Freshers/Experienced Professionals

  • Those who want to improve their skills in Database/SQL.

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