Javascript Page Printing

Many times you would like to give a button at your webpage to print out the content of that webpage via an actual printer.

Javascript helps you to implement this functionality using the print function of a window object.

The javascript print function window.print() will print the current webpage when execute. You can call this function directly using on click event as follows:


<script type=”text/javascript”>

<!- -

//-- >





<input type=”button value=”print “ onclick =”window.print():/>



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How to print a page:

If someone is providing none of the above facilities then you can use browsers standard tool bar to get tht webpages printed out. Follow the link as follows:

File   2 print   2 Click OK button.

JavaScript-Page Redirection

When you click a URL to reach a page X but internally you are directed to another page Y that simply happens because of page re-direction.


<script type=”text/javascrpit”>

function fun1(){

window location =;