Color Picker Extender

Color picker Extender is used to display the color dialog box and allow the user to select a color to be applied for foreground or background of a control dynamically at runtime.

targetcontrolID :

Sample Control ID : Used to set the ID of a control in which you want to display the previous of the color on which user place the mouse pointer within the color dialog box.

Popup Position : Used to specify the position where the color picker is display for the target control.


The following example demonstrates how to use the color pickerextender.

Add a page to the website, take a toolkit script manager & a text box on the page and set ID of that Textbox as T1.

Within HTML source of the page drag & drop a colorpickerExtender and set following properties for it.

<asp:colorpickerExtender   ID=”colorpickerExtender1”  runat=”server” TargetControlID=”T1” sampleControlID=”T1” popup position=”Right”> </colorpickerextender>

At runtime whenever the focus is in the Textbox T1 colorpicker will be display to the right of it and when select a color within if

the hexadecimal value of selected color will be displayed in the text box T1.