Ajax Always Visible Control Extender

20 September, 2018

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Always Visible Control Extender

          This control is used to make a control available on the page always visible at specified position on that page. It as the following important properties. Target Control ID : Used to specify ID of that control to extend with this control. Horizontal side & Vertical side : These properties are used to specify Horizontal & vertical position for that target control on the page. Horizontal offset & Vertical offset: These properties are used to specify the margin you want for the target control on self & Right & Top & Bottom. Example  The following example demonstrates how to use always visible control extender to make a control always visible on the page at specified position. Add a page top the website, take a Toolkit script manager on it along with a panel and provide any content you want within the panel. Within source of the page drag and drop an always visible control extender and set following properties to it. <asp: Always visible control Extender ID=”Always visible control Extender 1 runat=”server” TargetcontrolID=”panel1” verticalside=”Top” Horizontalside=”Right” verticaloffset = “10” Horizontaloffset=”10”>  </asp: Always visible controlExtender> Provide content on that page so that the page can be scrollable. At runtime when you scrolling up or down on the page then the panel will be always displayed at the Top right corner because of ‘always visible control Extender ‘ .
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